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Monthly Archives: April 2018



Successful on Twitter

How to be Successful on Twitter

by Jonathan Lim | Social Media Marketing |

As a small business owner, you are probably thinking how can a social platform like Twitter impact my business? What can I really say in 140...

Fans into Paying Customers

How to Turn Facebook Fans into Paying Customers

by Joel Fu | Social Media Marketing |

Here’s the deal. Your business can have a huge presence on Facebook with thousands, or even hundreds of thousands of fans, but still struggle to...

Local Business with Instagram

How to Promote Your Local Business with Instagram

by Gareth Simpson | Social Media Marketing |

If you’re tempted to dismiss Instagram as a marketing tool because it got its start as an app for sharing mobile photos, don’t. The truth is that...

Maximize Your Facebook Reach

How to Maximize Your Facebook Reach

by Eli Travis | Social Media Marketing |

You’re probably using Facebook to market your business already. And you should be – it’s the world’s largest social media site with more than...

Impacts Your Search Rankings

How Social Media Impacts Your Search Rankings

by Denise Hsu | Social Media Marketing |

Having good search rankings is just as important is getting a line of customers into your business. If you aren't familiar with how social media can...

Features You Probably Didn’t Know Existed

5 Facebook Features You Probably Didn’t Know Existed

by Ayumi Hikaru | Social Media Marketing |

If you’re managing a Facebook page for your business, the chances are good that you are missing out on some great tools and features. While setting...

3 Fast Ways to Drive Sales with Facebook

by Arthur Yao | Social Media Marketing |

Billions of users reside on Facebook. The targeting is so specific, you can even turn off ads to people who have clicked on them before. It can also...

Your Local Awareness Ads Quick Start Guide

Facebook Goes Local: Your Local Awareness Ads Quick Start Guide

by Adreena Davis | Social Media Marketing |

Facebook has recently begun to push its new 'Local Awareness' more heavily as a critical aspect of its advertising for small local businesses. As any...

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