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Monthly Archives: June 2018



Dominate Search with PBN Networks

SEO Secret Sauce Revealed! Dominate Search with PBN Networks

by Ayumi Hikaru | SEO & Search Advertising |

Mastering the secrets of SEO is a never-ending battle. The days when keyword density was enough to earn your site a high rank on Google are long...

Be Mobile Friendly

Why Your Website Must Be Mobile Friendly (Now More Than Ever!)

by Jonathan Lim | Internet Marketing Trends |

Did you know that 4 out of 5 consumers now use smartphones to shop? Let’s face it, nowadays just simply having a website is no longer enough...

Need to Know about Google Posts

What You Need to Know about Google Posts

by Arthur Yao | Internet Marketing Trends |

You already know that Google is the search king – but now there’s a new way for local businesses to use it. We’re talking about Google...

Making the Most

Making the Most with Mobile

by Jonathan Lim | Internet Marketing Trends |

Fast food restaurants seem to have cracked the code and figured out how utilize mobile marketing to their advantage. Pizza franchises like...

an Online Loyalty Program

Increase Retention and Repeat Sales with an Online Loyalty Program

by Gareth Simpson | Internet Marketing Trends |

If you want to grow your business, you know that the secret is a combination of two things: first, retaining your existing customers; and second,...

to Dominate Your Competitors

How to Use Yelp to Dominate Your Competitors

by John Lee | Internet Marketing Trends |

You’re a small business owner, so you already know about Yelp. It’s one of the most popular websites available when it comes to online...

Most of Online Reviews

How to Make the Most of Online Reviews

Online reviews are here to stay. Sites like Yelp, Angie’s List, and Google My Business offer consumers an easy way to share information about...

Newsletter Marketing

Newsletter Marketing… More Important Than You Think!

by Eli Travis | Email Marketing |

These days, with social media all the rage, it’s easy to overlook email marketing for your small business. After all, who uses email anymore?...

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