5 Tips to Get your Content Marketing Massive Exposure

Content Marketing for Exposure

The most obvious way to use content marketing is to create posts that offer value in your industry or niche and then to share links to those posts on social media, forums and social bookmarking sites.

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One of the best ways you can do this right now is by using Reddit. Reddit is a website that allows communities to create pages dedicated to any subject known as ‘subReddits’. SubReddits are filled with lively discussion on pretty much every topic and niche you can imagine and if you post here with an eye-catching headline you can potentially get your content seen by thousands of people (depending on whether it gets ‘upvoted’ or ‘downvoted’).

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Be very careful here though, as Reddit users are very savvy and very cynical. If your posts don’t provide any real value and if they seem to be nothing more than self-promotion, then you will get downvoted and it will actually hurt your brand. Don’t post here unless you are genuinely offering interesting insight.

Another great place to share your content is on Google+ which also has a ‘communities’ system in place currently. This is again a way you can potentially get hundreds or thousands of views from a single post.

Guest Posting

Another way to use content marketing to get your brand seen by new people is with guest posting. Guest posts are posts that appear on blogs but which are written by someone other than the owner of that blog.

So in other words, you are going to find a blog in your niche that is doing particularly well and then ask them to publish a post or article you’ve written. You’re giving the content away for free (which benefits them by filling their blog with more value) but in exchange you’re asking that there be a link embedded in the post back to your site.

This can do wonders for helping you to build brand recognition and gain traffic to your website. For starters, having a link on a prominent blog is very good for SEO (search engine optimization) as long as you don’t ‘overdo’ this strategy. At the same time though, your link and your company/business name is now going to be seen by hundreds or thousands of people who visit that blog and is effectively going to be given testimony by the author of that blog. If they trust the blogger, then some of this trust will be passed on to you and you will benefit from association. See how this works?


Another way to get your brand out there is through plain and simple advertising. There are plenty of options here when you’re online but one of the best is to use PPC marketing. PPC stands for ‘Pay Per Click’ and is essentially a form of advertising where you only get charged if someone actually clicks on your ads. This means that ineffectual ads are not charged and that means you can get your ad seen completely for free – thus building brand awareness at no cost to you.

The biggest two platforms for PPC are Google’s AdWords platform and Facebook ads. These allow you to advertise right on the SERPs (search engine results pages) or on Facebook respectively and also let you target your audience either by advertising on particular search terms or by filtering through age, hobbies, gender etc.

In either case, you should try to sell a particular product through your advert and you should be as upfront and honest as this as possible. A good advert on Facebook or AdWords will simply say ‘Click here to buy $30 fitness eBook!’.

This way, a large proportion of the people who click on that ad will be willing to part with their money meaning you’ll get a good ROI (especially as you only pay a few cents for each ad). But for those who don’t click, you’re still going to be showing your logo which means you’ll still be increasing awareness and visibility.

Out of the two, Facebook advertising potentially makes more sense here because it lets you use your images which means you can incorporate your actual logo. Another alternative is to try Google AdSense which is a similar product that allows your adverts to appear on the websites of participating publishers. You choose which website to appear on by niche and can then choose from either text or banner ads.


SEO is ‘Search Engine Optimization’ or in other words, the process of getting a website to rank highly on Google when someone searches for a related term. SEO goes hand in hand with content marketing because you can use keywords in your content in order to help target certain search terms. In other words, by including just a few mentions of the phrase ‘buy hats’ in your article on fashion, you can help people who are interesting in ‘buying hats’ to find your website via another article.

Likewise, you can target specific questions – a web designer for instance might write an article on how to set up a WordPress website, use SEO to help people looking for that term to find that post, and then hope that people reading the content will be impressed enough to consider hiring them to handle it on their behalf. (Don’t overdo the insertion of keywords – optimal keyword ‘density’ is generally thought to be about 1-2%)

SEO should also be used though simply to ensure that your business and website appears at the top of Google when someone searches for it. Going back to our ‘Catfish Content’ business, we want to ensure that when someone types in ‘Catfish Content’, our site will come up first. This way, someone who is somewhat interested in our business will be able to easily research us to find out more and possibly to get in touch and hire our services.

You can achieve this a) by using your company name throughout your site (and as your URL) and b) by making sure you submit yourself to business directories and set up a Google+ My Business page. All this will also help to give you further credibility as a serious brand.

Press Releases

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When you launch your new business or website, you should issue a press release to inform any websites or other outlets that might be interested in covering the story. This is a great way to get free publicity and to get some good momentum when you first announce your new business or website. Note however that press releases will only work if your story is genuinely newsworthy. If it’s not, then try to paint it in a light that makes it interesting and something people would want to read about.