Increasing Conversions Through Incentives and Other Facebook Marketing Tips

Increasing Conversions through Incentives and Other Facebook Marketing Tips

  • Incentive-based ‘Likes’ are an effective way to introduce yourself to new prospects, through a low-risk offer that entices people to check out your business.
  • Customizable advertisements tailored towards your core demographic.
  • Social media icons that can provide a gateway to your Facebook page from your own personal website.
  • Facebook groups to create or join, in order to gain industry knowledge and meet new people.


Facebook was a revolutionary idea when it first launched, as it gave each individual the ability to promote their business or personal interest through their own free page. The fact that anyone can start a business page is one of Facebook’s greatest advantages and disadvantages. While it allows a cost-free solution (if you stick with the basic features of course) to promoting yourself online, the wealth of clutter on Facebook is simply enormous, which can make it difficult to break through the system and get noticed.

According to statistics, Facebook’s demographic is getting older too. In 2014, Jetscram reported that the most prominent demographic among Facebook users was aged 35-54, which comprised a majority 31.1% of the user base. This greatly influences the content that appears on Facebook and should be taken into consideration when promoting yourself on the platform.

Despite Facebook’s aging demographic (and the age of the website itself, which is over 11 years old), there are still effective marketing approaches for new businesses to take advantage of.


1. Incentive Based ‘Likes’

According to social media experts at back in 2013, “42% of fans ‘Like’ a page to get a coupon or discount.” The prospect of generating incentive-based ‘Likes’ may seem like a gimmick to boost numbers, however, this depends on how your strategy is executed. If you promote an incentive for coupons at your retail store, it could be a great way to introduce yourself to people through an offer that is low-risk. The key is to make sure the incentive is relative to the product or service you’re providing. That way, you’ll have a greater chance of maintaining loyal customers or followers, even after the initial offer is gone.


2. Customizable Ads

With the shifting demographics among Facebook and the amount of clutter present, it’s becoming more necessary to strongly identify with your target audience. Thankfully, Facebook allows you to customize ads based on the people you want to reach, along with promoting yourself on related pages in order to branch out into new audiences.

Facebook’s array of analytical tools are very powerful and can provide essential data related to your business page. This includes the general country or demographic where most of your visitors are coming from, what links are directing them to your page, traffic flow, the rate of growth and much more. In conjunction with a regularly updated and maintained page, you can witness your progress on a weekly basis to judge whether your current marketing strategy is working or not.

Facebook Marketing Tips

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3. Clickable Social Media Icons

If you’re spreading your online presence to blogs and your own business website, you can implement social media icons that direct traffic straight to your Facebook page. These can easily be obtained within the Facebook business page settings, and enable you to spread your Facebook page around other avenues on the web. Below is an example of how to implement social media icons into a WordPress operated website:

Facebook Marketing Tips

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4. Creating Facebook Groups and Engaging with Others

Creating a Facebook page dedicated to a niche or special interest related to your industry is a great way to make new connections and share advice with people. Getting involved with other Facebook groups is another excellent way to meet new people and gather potential industry leads. By being active in a socially engaging community, you have the chance to learn new things and expand your existing network.

As you learn to navigate around your business page, you’ll start to learn more about the functions and tools available to you. These are just some of the many tools that businesses use on a daily basis in order to promote themselves on Facebook. Try them for yourself and see what kind of results you can achieve.