Email Marketing – Ultimate Cheat Sheet of Software

Ultimate Cheat Sheet of Software that you need to run your Email Marketing Campaign

This cheat sheet is your handy one-stop-shop for everything you could need for building, running and managing your mailing list. Read on to quickly find links and information for the most popular autoresponders, landing page creators, blogs and more…



Aweber is a powerful autoresponder tool that is a little more expensive than GetResponse or MailChimp but which nevertheless is perhaps the most popular. What sets Aweber apart from the rest is the best ‘delivery rate’ of all (meaning that e-mails reach the destination and don’t get filtered by spam etc.) as well as the most intuitive and powerful interface and best customer service. If you have the money, this is probably the best tool for the job.


GetResponse offers a little less in the way of high-end features and stats compared to Aweber but is nevertheless more than capable of meeting most email marketing needs. It’s also cheaper than Aweber and has some neat extras like a landing-page builder.


Finally, MailChimp is cheaper than the other two options but has a lot of cool features and support. This one is something of the underdog but it’s used by a lot of big bloggers.

These are the ‘big three autoresponders’. For your convenience, you can find a guide to their pricing plans for comparison purposes below:

There are also a couple more worth mentioning…




This one is notable for being free! Though remember: you get what you pay for…

Landing Page Creators

Landing page creators are tools that you can use to build your landing pages or ‘squeeze pages’. These are pages designed specifically with the purpose of getting visitors to read to the bottom and then click to subscribe.


This is an excellent tool for building landing pages that convert and makes it very easy to take advantage of extra features like membership portals. This is pretty much the number one choice for most marketers.


If you aren’t won over by OtimizePress’ design, then you may prefer to use Unbounce which is particularly geared towards mobile responsiveness. It also promises to reduce bounce rates (people leaving your site without engaging in the content) by using smart and professional design.

GetResponse’s Landing Page Creator

GetResponse has a landing page creator built right into its infrastructure. This is a particularly useful tool if you are using GetResponse as your autoresponder because it allows you to integrate the two perfectly and keep everything all in one place saving you time.


LeadPages markets itself as the very easiest tool for building landing pages. If you want to make something quickly then without the hassle, this is a good choice and is recommended by many bloggers.

Other Tools

WP Tactical Popup

WP Tactical Popup allows you to add ‘light boxes’ or ‘popovers’ to your pages so that you can grab their attention and their e-mails. WP Tactical Popup makes set up easy and also allows for a number of different features such as the ability to prevent repeatedly showing the same message to people who have already signed up.

Sumo Me List Building

Sumo Me List Building is another popover tool. In some ways this option is more powerful and versatile as not only does it have more options and a bigger name behind it but it also doesn’t rely on your site being a WordPress site unlike WP Tactical Popup.


It’s expensive but if you’d rather build your own landing pages from scratch and your own websites and pages, then this is one of the most powerful and easy tools for doing so.


Optimizely is a ‘split testing tool’. This means that you can use it in order to test changes you make to your site before you set them in stone.

Google Analytics/Webmaster Tools

You’ll need to set up accounts with these to use Optimizely, as well as to generally see your stats and thus to monitor the performance of your landing pages.

Outsourcing Resources

Upwork (formally oDesk)

A good all rounder freelance site to outsource all your product creation.

Another good site to outsource your site.

People Per Hour

Another freelance site.

99 Designs

A design freelance site where you’ll have designs brought to you before you even select a freelancer. Great for logos, ebook covers and more.