Editorial Guidelines for News Releases

All media websites require press releases to be written from a newsworthy angle.  For example, new product or service, a business expansion announcement or an organizational milestone like an anniversary or award. You can also issue expert opinions on a topic that is currently trending on the news.


Headline and Summary

  • Headline must be under 80 characters and should accurately present press release’s content
  • Headline must be newsworthy
  • Summary should not exceed 250 characters and should describe the PR content
  • Do not use the first paragraph as summary paragraph

Press Release Format

  • Press release content can be anywhere between 300-800words
  • Press release should be written like a third person reporting your news story
  • Don’t use casual first person language like I,we,you etc
  • You can include ONE image per press release(only jpg, png, gif allowed)
  • Video can be embedded inside the press release and clients should provide the embed code
  • Content should have a legitimate news angle
  • Don’t write your press releases like an advertisement or a sales letter
  • Please don’t ask a question(s) in a press release
  • Use Uppercase and Lowercase lettering appropriately
  • JS and Markup language are strictly prohibited except for <A HREF = “”> tag
  • Please ensure links are formatted correctly
  • Make sure each paragraph is spaced out with a line
  • Please ensure press release is properly formatted e.g. do not double space unnecessarily, use appropriate punctuation and symbols
  • Only include a quote that someone might have actually said
  • Press release links should be limited to 1 per 200 words
  • Press releases should not contain references or links to sexually explicit material, illegal material or profane language
  • Content should not have the intent to harm or exact personal revenge against a person or group.
  • SPAM related words that will be filtered out by spam filters should refrain
  • Include available contact information where possible
  • Include the city from where the release originates, usually the location of the company’s headquarters
  • Content should contain no or few grammatical and spelling errors
  • Do not use special characters and symbols in a headline such as ™ or ©
  • Content should contain no or few grammatical and spelling errors
  • SPAM related words that will be filtered out by spam filters should refrain


We don’t accept releases that include

  • Only opinion
  • Duplicated content
  • Mortgage, payday loans, loan services
  • Strictly no adult content including escort services, enhancement products, and supplements
  • Radical religious view or opinion
  • Intent to harm or defame.
  • Unauthorized stock ticker symbols.
  • Online gambling.
  • Topics regarding e-cigs, green coffee, raspberry ketones, HCG, Kratom, Garcinia Cambogia and more

At any circumstances, our team reserves the right at all times and without previous notification to approve, disapprove or remove parts or all the published/submitted documents as long as it is inappropriate to be published. Any decision made by the editorial team shall be FINAL.