New Free Usability Testing Course by Conversion Hub Announced

Singapore –  Singapore –  Usability testing, the analytic and applicative approach to understanding the ease of use with regards to website and web design, is becoming increasingly important for business outreach and established web presences today. Highly crucial for quality search engine optimization rankings, improved user experience, and turning leads into sales, usability testing is the number one way to measure the effectiveness of a website.

Aware that usability may seem intimidating to many business owners, Usability Testing, an online platform dedicated to providing web cultivation information for free, is offering a 10-part interactive course of no charge to interested users.

“With so many different components going into the creation of an eye-catching website, it’s hard for business owners to keep track of the usability of their website,” said Joel Fu, Principal Consultant at Usability Testing Singapore. “Web design, web traffic, and website interaction are undoubtedly the number one ways to interact with consumers for purchases today. It’s important all individuals and businesses understand this.”

The 10-part course will take users through web experience, understanding usability in context, understanding user personas, optimizing website navigation structures, qualitative user testing, quantitative user testing, understanding Iterative and Parallel design, conducting heuristic evaluation, designing for mobile devices, benchmarking, and how to convince bosses or clients on the values of usability testing.

“This may sound intense and overwhelming, but our course makes it easy to understand and even easier to implement,” said Joel. “We want the Internet to transform into a hotbed of highly optimized website-to-consumer interaction.”

Usability Testing’s course is completely free and does not require an email address to get started.

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Usability Testing Singapore is a community project that makes the materials used in training usability testing at Conversion Hub – available on the Web, free of charge , to any user in the world. It focused on transforming online learning through groundbreaking methodologies, game-like experiences and cutting-edge research in the area of usability testing.

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