Finding a Niche for Digital Affiliate Products

So the question then becomes, which niches are best for selling a digital product as an affiliate?

The heavy hitters are things like fitness, business, dating and other areas where you can teach someone a skill that will improve their lives in a profound way. Ask yourself this: if you had to create a piece of text that would promote and sell a book in this niche, how would you go about making it sound like something people would have to buy?

If it was a fitness book, you might start with something like this:

Hey you! Are you tired of training programs that don’t work? Are you tired of feeling TIRED, FLABBY and UNATTRACTIVE? What if I told you there was a way you could get a shredded mid-section and strong arms in just 5 WEEKS?

Likewise, if you were trying to sell an e-book about making money, you might start it something like this:

If you’ve been dreaming of escaping the rat race and finally earning the sort of money you feel you deserve, then keep reading. There is a way that ANYONE can make money online and it’s surprisingly simple. Now, this isn’t a get rich quick scheme, it’s just a smart business model that happens to be…

Sounds good right? On both counts? We all want abs and we all want money and so these are easy ‘value propositions’ (remember that phrase?) to sell.

On the other hand, if you have a book on Neuroscience, you might find that this is a topic that’s a little harder to sell products in. So one test to see if your niche is good for affiliate marketing is just to think: how would you go about pitching a book in this subject? If you can’t think of a strong opener, then perhaps you should look elsewhere…

Skills and Hobbies

Note that there is another way to make an eBook ‘must have’, which is to sell something that a select group will need. For instance, if you happen to know how to set up a restaurant like the back of your hand, then you can find an eBook on this and make it a ‘must have’ for chefs who want to set up their own business. If you can find a book on stage lighting, then there will be a lot of stage lighters out there who will potentially be interested in buying.

Remember again though all the things we talked about regarding what makes a great demographic. Do stage lighters have lots of disposable income? Are they likely to spend lots of time online? To read eBooks? This is something that’s worth researching.

Of course if you pick a smaller niche like this, then you have a smaller potential audience – but you also have more marketing opportunities and less competition. Another challenge as an affiliate marketer though is going to be finding products to sell. If you want to go this route, then you might want to consider creating your own product. We’ll be looking at this in the last chapter, so keep reading.

Meanwhile, you can get the best of both worlds by finding a way to introduce one demographic to products from a broader niche. Sometimes it’s a matter of finding a group with easy routes to market and then convincing them that they need something they perhaps didn’t realize.

For instance, you can take that Neuroscience eBook and you can introduce it to a group interested in ‘self-help’. Likewise, you can take a fitness book and introduce it to bloggers…

Big Affiliate Networks

Another way to know whether a niche works for selling digital products as an affiliate, is to research what’s currently on offer and to look at the ‘big three’ affiliate networks. If you find a niche that has a lot of products available, then you’ll be able to choose the best ones that you think will sell most easily and you’ll be able to keep a steady stream of new products coming.

Because keep in mind, you don’t just want to sell to each of your fans once. Ideally, you’ll be aiming to create a large list of fans on your e-mail list so that you can message them with new products on a regular basis. (This also means you need to pick the best products you can find to ensure you maintain that trust!)

The most popular affiliate networks are:

ClickBank (

SEO Blog Image 1

This is one of the oldest and largest affiliate networks. It has higher fees than some others and a somewhat untidy interface but it also has a lot to offer in terms of the range of products available.

JVZoo (

SEO Blog Image 2

JVZoo is one of the most popular affiliate networks currently. It has a lot of products, a slick and simple interface and low fees (though not as low as Warrior Forum). Tip: Think about bonuses you can offer for your buyers!

Warrior Forum (

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Warrior Special Offers or ‘WSO’ is a section of the popular ‘Warrior Forum’, itself a community for digital marketers and bloggers. This section allows you to sell or find digital products and you can normally get a pretty good idea of the niche just by reading the heading (a lot in here is in the ‘make money’ niche).

Take a look at all three of these affiliate networks and browse by niche. You should quickly get a good idea of where the action is!

Market Places for selling Products

When it comes to selling physical products online as an affiliate, one site in particular will most likely spring to mind: Amazon. Amazon has a great affiliate system that lets you sell anything you can find on their site – the only caveat being that your share will be much smaller than it would on JVZoo or WSO.

When thinking about your niche, think about whether or not you could sell physical products here. This is a great way to monetize the ‘fan’ niche for instance – as you can sell related merchandise without needing the rights yourself.

There are other sites that offer the opportunity to make money from physical products too. Examples include ShareASale ( and Commission Junction ( where you can also find digital products.

When you use this strategy you essentially turn your blog or website into a ‘store’ in the same manner as a highstreet store. This then means you can sell anything that you might sell in the real world. Bear in mind then as well that you don’t have to stick purely to one niche – as with real stores you can easily sell multiple different products that aren’t directly related to one another.

Keyword Research Tools To Find Hot Niche Markets

There are shortcuts to finding niche markets that are profitable. One of the most common ways is to use keyword research tools.

Here are a few tools that are recommended:

LongTail Pro

SEO Blog Image 4

LongTail Pro has been once of the most useful paid tools out there for finding keywords you can target. They offer a free trial, so give it a go and see if it’s right for you.


SEO Blog Image 5

A top resource and tool for finding profitable keywords.

Google’s Keyword Planner

SEO Blog Image 6

Why not use the top search engine’s own keyword research tool?

SEOBook’s Keyword Tools

SEO Blog Image 7

Niche Ideas

The following articles and resources will provide you with ideas for niches. These are lists of popular topics that have proven successful for other webmasters and browsing through them should help trigger your inspiration!

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