What’s the Fair Cost of Good SEO?

Finally, it’s available again… and at a ridiculously good deal, too…


Everyone needs SEO service for their website, but how do you exactly know how much you should pay or whom to trust?

In this guide, you’ll learn how to set your expectations, quickly identify low-standard SEO services, and have a good idea about the price range for a quality SEO service in the current market. Visit https://mattbrandenburg.com/st-pete-seo/, to get the SEO services you need.

You see, SEO is the most popular online marketing tactic available for everyone to raise their brand awareness, perform better in search engine rankings of Google and Yahoo Bing, and bring tons of free traffic to the website.
These are the major goals of any online business who wants to scale their offerings to their audience.

Although the benefits of SEO are super clear to everyone, the cost of implementing an SEO strategy varies as it depends on your company’s goals and the type of strategy you wish to implement.

So, no matter how large or small your budget for SEO, you must look all the costs involved as an investment for your company. And as with every investment, you should also be thinking about getting the highest returns on investments.

Before you even commit to any SEO service, make sure you consider carefully what you wish to achieve through your SEO strategy. Make your goals as real as possible, which will eventually help you find the fitting budget for your SEO venture.

Let’s say, you want to increase your sales by 10%.

Then, carefully decide how much you are willing to set aside to achieve this goal, and how will it affect your marketing options and budgeting down the line.

Normally, the bigger your goal is, the higher the investment will be.


Hire for Your Needs

Once you’ve figured out your SEO and marketing goals, you’ll be in a much better position to hire people and service based on your needs. When looking for SEO service, make sure you’ve considered all your options thoroughly and the costs related each of those options before committing.

Your options may include deciding to hire an in-house SEO expert or SEO team, or outsourcing a dedicated SEO agency.
Here are few important things you need to consider:

In-house Hires

In-house Hires

In-house Hires

Hiring an in-house SEO expert or SEO team will be much more expensive at first because of the
training costs involved. However, if you’re a huge company with a long list of goals to reach, this could be the most cost-effective option for you.

When choosing an ideal SEO candidate, make sure they have the skill set in the wide range of areas, such as content marketing, backlink building, SEO understanding, analytical attitude, and social media knowledge.

But, the cost can get pretty much expensive.

It’s not unusual for a seasoned SEO expert making over $10k per month. On top of it, you’ll have to hire few more SEO team members to manage all your SEO tasks and not thrust all the responsibilities of one employee.


Content Marketing and SEO Agencies

SEO and content marketing agencies usually offer their SEO service in addition to other service offerings. Since SEO isn’t their top priority, you must at least make sure that they have the desired SEO skill sets before committing.

The SEO costs may be more expensive for you, as their SEO services will be bundled inside their content marketing plans, but if you’re interested in achieving a number of content marketing goals simultaneously, this could be an excellent option for you.


Dedicated SEO firms

These companies focus on SEO only, and usually, they have the most industry experience because they spend most of their time using and practicing the up-to-date SEO tactics.
Bigger SEO firms staff a large team of specialists dedicated to several ideas, which puts them in a very good position to handle all your SEO challenges. For example, there are many SEO Toronto based firms who travel in order to make house-calls to their clients, from my experience this personal touch eases the planning and initiating of new strategies.

On top of it, they also offer a wide range of SEO services under different pricing plans to meet the needs of your organization, like project-based contracts, monthly contracts, and hourly SEO consultancy.

This option is very suitable if you need a dedicated, technical, project-based, and ongoing SEO service.

Conversion Hub offers a wide range of SEO services with a focus on content, backlink building, and conversion.


So, how much will SEO cost to you?

The SEO costs will very much depend on your organization’s goals and the level of experience of the SEO provider you select.

Nonetheless, you can expect to pay around the price ranges mentioned below depending on the service type you need for your organization.

Monthly fee and the services you’ll get:

This is the most preferred choice of pricing model for SEO services, and the cost varies depending on your needs.

SEO Service for <= $500/month:


Unless you’re a small company with very little competition, you should be hyper careful when trying SEO for a monthly fee of $500 or less. Why? Because most of these SEO firms often automate their link building strategies, or outsource their content overseas, and only perform the standard on-page SEO work.

This option might work for you if you want to display your name in some local listing websites such as Google Local and Yelp, however, if your goals are bigger (rank on the 1st page of Google for a competitive keyword), then we highly recommend that you take a crash course on DIY SEO.


SEO Service for $1000 to $5,000/month:

If you’re a smaller company with fairly complex websites and medium to low competition, you can go ahead and pay this amount for SEO strategy. But, keep in mind that price as lower as this scale could mean lack of proven track records and inexperience.

You see, ongoing SEO service requires consistently producing high-quality content, building high-quality backlinks, with a strong focus on conversions, accessibility, and usability.

It is super difficult to find all these awesome SEO services, properly implemented, at a lower price range such as this, unless of course, you know an SEO firm that has been in the industry for years and are very good at producing high-quality content. (By the way, Conversion Hub is that company.)

At this rate, hiring an individual or a smaller SEO company can be a good idea, however, you’ll have to compromise slightly with the volume of work and quality that you require every month to get the maximum benefit; not to mention, it can be super difficult to find and inspect these individuals.


SEO Service for $5000 to $10,000/month:

At this price range, rest assured that you’ll find more reputable SEO firms with a very clean and proven track record in unusually competitive markets. You’ll find a team of dedicated SEO people – content managers, expert copy editors, web development professionals, analytics experts, link building experts, conversions specialists – who’ll make sure your project becomes successful and that you get all the help and support you may need.


SEO Service for $10,000 to $20,000/month:

Organizations with bigger goals often work at this price range along with an SEO expert who’ll manage the entire process from A to Z. At this budget, your business will get in contact with a superior SEO management team, and this investment will most likely give you a considerable huge amount of results as the entire SEO project will be well-funded, giving more opportunity for your SEO partner to execute.

If the industry you’re trying to nail down has tons of competition, then you should go ahead and invest in this type of project, at least in an initial couple of years. It’s not surprising to find organization spending more than $100k per month on SEO to dominate a market by going after highly profitable keyword phrases.


Fixed Price Contracted SEO Services:

Your SEO requirements differ depending on many factors, such as your current SEO stats, your website size, your business goals, and the level of your competition. The contracted SEO services will include: your website and SEO audits (ranging from $1,000 to $3,000) or even more depending on the audit depth and your website size, backlink profile audits (ranging from $2,500 to $7,500) or even more based on your link profile size, backlink building (ranging from $250 to $2,000 per link) depending on the strategy used and its quality, on-page SEO optimization ($100 to $250 per page), and last but not the least copywriting (ranging from $0.75 to $1.00 per word).

So, if you already have a strong SEO strategist and superb content and copywriting resources, but lack in link building and technical capabilities, then hiring SEO firm for a fixed price contracted SEO services might be the most effective option for you.


Hourly SEO Consultancy $100 to $300/hr:

If you’re interested in working along with an SEO consultant, you must be prepared to spend at least $100 per hour for specialized SEO services that can generate a tremendous amount of results for your project. Of course, the price range may differ depending on the competitiveness of your industry, however, be careful hiring someone who seems so impressive that would make you difficult to believe.

Again, working along with an SEO consultant should be looked as an investment and refrain from taking shortcuts. Go after those who have good track record and is capable of delivering the performance you seek.
Of course, you can easily find other cheaper SEO consultants, but they often lack experience and will often take a long time to deliver results.


Hiring an SEO expert ($50,000 to $120,000 per year):

Your company may also require someone to look after your projects internally and give it a specific attention it needs. In this case, your best option would be hiring an SEO expert or a manager. Their salaries, which are quite anything like other salaries, depend mainly on their geographic location and the experience level.

For instance, an SEO expert working for a big digital marketing company in San Francisco might earn up to $200k/year. In order to have a better picture of what you’ll be paying, go and look for SEO professionals using career sites like Glassdoor and Indeed for your industry.

You see, few of these SEO solutions may not be appropriate for your business or enough for your budget, however, no matter which options you choose they should deliver positive ROI.