5 Little-Known Tricks to Get More REAL YouTube Views, Instantly

Hey marketers,

If you’re looking for insider tactics to generate more views for your YouTube videos, then read this guide.

While there isn’t one metric that’ll drive you to success on your YouTube marketing strategy, getting more views for your YouTube videos is something you need to go after on this popular social media site.

After all, how will you ever benefit from uploading more videos on YouTube, when nobody, especially your intended audience, watches it, right?

Although YouTube today have over a billion users, only 9% of businesses use it.

If your YouTube videos aren’t generating lots of views, then you’re most likely missing out something important.

And, this guide will help you use few tactics that you can immediately implement to generate 1000s of views for your videos, starting today.

We’ll look at few basic tactics that’ll help you in the long run, and also cover few unique tricks (found nowhere else on the web) that you can immediately put into action to generate fast results.
After reading this post, you’ll be walking with your head high knowing all the tricks to generate more views for your YouTube videos.

So, let’s get started.


1. Create awesome video content

If you can create great video content, rest assured that getting more views will be a lot easier.

When you post a video content on your social network and people find it super valuable, they’ll do a lot of promotional work for you.

So, the most important thing to for you to do is provide exceptional value to your readers through your videos. They’re not important.

To get started creating awesome video content, you’ll have to first learn about your target audience – what they like and are interested in.

If you want to learn what content they like, there are two ways to do this:


a) Looking at other blog posts that have done extremely well in your niche

You can do this by going to Buzzsumo to find blog posts, or you can simply take examples from other YouTube videos, and provide even better and more value. This will be easy for you if you’re already an expert in your industry.


b) Using YouTube search engines for video ideas.

Let’s say I am starting a business that helps my audience “how to build a pond.” So, I do a quick search on YouTube by typing “how to build a pond” in the YouTube search box, and immediately I am shown these keyword ideas:


I’ll use the “Autosuggest” feature to select the first suggestion to see what pops up:


I’ll repeat this process several times using other keywords for more video content ideas.

You can also find hidden topic ideas alphabetically, right after typing your root keyword, like this:


You see, this way you’ll get tons of other video ideas.

After this research, you can go ahead and create a hyper-niche specific video that will target a group of specific demographic in the social media platform.

2. Optimize your YouTube video

When you optimize your YouTube videos, you ensure that it appears on YouTube, including in the “related video” suggestions and the search listings.

To optimize your video, take care of four things:

1.Title – Don’t try to make it look like a “link bait.” Instead, include your keywords in the title if you’ve created a video around it, like:

How to Bake Delicious Cake Within 3 Minutes, Only Spending $5.

If people think baking cake is time-consuming and expensive, then this title will surely entice people to watch it.

2.Tags – For the tags, you can insert keywords related to the topic of your blog, like:


Avoid using more than 12 tags, as you’ll dilute search result data and lose your audience.

OTOH, choosing proper tags will help your video display in the “suggested videos,” when someone else is watching your video.

3.Description – Don’t try to stuff your keyword to trick Google. Don’t us any gimmicks and ‘tricks.’ Instead, simply describe what your video is all about (what your audience will learn after watching it), in an easy to read manner.

Here’s a beginner’s guide to writing a basic yet complete video descriptions:

Here’s an example of a video description that follows this template:


Insider info: To improve user experience, you can offer ‘time stamps’ in your description so that people can immediately get to the interesting parts of your video.

4.Thumbnail – You can easily create engaging thumbnails for your YouTube videos by:

  • Using pictures of people.
  • Edit your image by overlaying it with some text (a keyword or topic that your video covers).
  • Or, include a screenshot of an interesting part of the video – such as the final product of a “how to” video. Here’s an example.


You see, the thumbnail includes some text, related to the keyword used in the video, and an image of an end product.

Here’s another example where you’ll see a man, with overlay text and sometimes the “end result” to achieve.


Of course, you’ll want to experiment a little bit.

But, for now, these two examples and tips above should be enough to get you started.

3. Run YouTube Ads and Experiment

You may be hesitant when I say run YouTube ads. I totally understand. But running ads on YouTube is definitely a surefire way of generating the proper kind of views through your videos.

You see, by running YouTube ads, you’ll be able to target your intended audience and raise awareness about your video.

You’ll throw a lot of guesswork out of the window and get real-time feedback on the performance of your videos. These feedbacks will help you speed up the process of creating videos that people want to watch.

If you notice people are viewing your videos until the end and sharing it to their connections a lot, then understand that you’re on the track.

So, how should you run YouTube ads?

There are two ads you can run on YouTube:

1. Instream Ads – ads that display when, or before, people are watching videos on YouTube, or
2. Search listing Ads – YouTube ads that display in search listings

I highly suggest that you use these both methods.

When creating ‘Instream Ads’ follow this process:

Quickly find videos that are related to your topic and note down their URLs.

Next, target those YouTube videos, utilizing the placements option.

For example, let’s just say I wanted to teach my viewers ‘how to bake a cake.’ I created a nice video on that topic.


I visit YouTube and enter ‘how to bake a cake.’

In Google doc, I’ll jot down all the URLs of those videos.


I then enter these URLs, while setting up the ‘targeting’ of my ads.

Remember – not all videos will have ‘monetization’ enabled. That means in some ads, you won’t be able to show ads on them.

However, just grab a list of 20 videos, and you’ll get a better delivery to your intended audience.

If you’re targeting within the YouTube Search listing, you’ll have to find some keywords to target.

You can use the YouTube search box to find relevant keywords.

To get started, simply type in your keyword related to the video
you’re covering. Then, jot down other keyword ideas displayed by the ‘autosuggest’ tool.

You’ll see below, when I type in ‘how to bake a cake,’ I’m given all other related keywords that are worth targeting.

The red arrow points to keywords that are worth my time.


Please note: I’ve chosen the basic keywords because I simply want to teach people how to bake a cake. But, if I wanted even more relevant keywords, I would simply pick one basic keyword and then hit the ‘spacebar.’


This way, I’ll be given additional keywords to target in my ads.

As I said before, you can also find additional relevant keywords by cycling through alphabets.

Finally, I’ll save all these related keywords into my Google Doc, and use them when creating my ad targeting.

4. Promote your video everywhere

Okay, so you created a YouTube video. Does that mean you can only promote on YouTube? No, of course not! In fact, you can (and should) promote your videos all over the net, including your web pages, blog posts, social media, and even in your email list.

If you think some industry influencers might find your video valuable and interesting, go ahead and shoot them a message, through email, about the video you just created.

Never sigh away to let the world know what interesting things you’ve been up to.

5. Build more YouTube subscribers

To get more YouTube video views, you also want to build a solid subscriber’s base.

If you can build subscribers, you’ll automatically get lots of views for your videos, as soon as you upload them. If your videos provide a better user experience (a lot of value to your viewers), then don’t be surprised to see it rising in rankings, too.

In addition to creating awesome video content, here are few tactics you can use to build more YouTube subscribers:

1) Ask for it – The first tactic is to simply go ahead and ask people to become your subscribers. To do this, I recommend that you use annotations.


You can create a box where you’ll ask viewers to subscribe to your channel, which will instantly lead more people to click on the subscribe button.

Or, you can simply mention people to subscribe at the start and/or end of your video.

By simply asking, you entice more people to take action.

2) Create video consistently – By creating videos regularly, your productivity will rise, which will make sure you’ll be found in a number of different ways on YouTube. This tactic will, of course, help boost your subscribers.

This tactic also gives others to become your subscribers, as they’ll want to get notified whenever something new is posted on your channel.

Insider Info: If you can focus on creating evergreen content regularly, then you’ll be doing yourself a big favor for years to come, as it will be extremely relevant, useful, and engaging for your audience. What this means is that your videos will keep on driving new subscribers, even years after its creation.


For a lot of people, generating more YouTube views seems unattainable and difficult.

However, I’m sure that after reading these insider tips, you’ll be clearer what you need to do to achieve such an ambitious goal.
There are many paths you can take, but the most important thing to remember is producing quality content.

If you can do that, I’m pretty sure that everything else you do to get more YouTube views will be just as easy as a walk in the park.

If you wish, please share us few tips on getting more YouTube views in the comment section below.