Who Else Wants to Drive Real, Targeted 500+ Instagram Followers, Literally Overnight?

If you’d like to succeed on Instagram, don’t read another post. In this easy to follow Instagram marketing guide, I’ll show you how to drive 500+ million targeted real Instagram users to your website or landing pages.

But, before that, let me give you some background information on Instagram, and why it’s important for small businesses like you to get on board:

Instagram: A brief intro

(Image Source: Instagram)


Instagram is a popular photo-sharing mobile app, which is fun to use, easy to use, and growing like a mushroom.

Instagram was launched as a free app back in 2010, and within few years, it became widely popular and outgrew all their competitions.

In April 2012, Facebook bought Instagram for a whopping $1 billion. By January 2017, Instagram attracted over 150+ million daily active users (up from 100 million from October 2016).

(Image source: Statista)


For marketers, it’s good news. Instagram said they’ll be providing a range of business tools, such as profile pages for new business, an analytic tool to measure performance, and the capability to create ads from posts right within the app.

With so many features packed in one app, it’s not surprising that many marketers are more than interested to get acquainted with Instagram for reaching out a wide audience for their business.

And, if you’ve been looking for ways to share, like, and grow your business through Instagram, let me tell you this: it’s going to be fun. In this article, you’ll discover 10 little-known ways – with examples and tactics – to drive Instagram users to your business website.

1. Know who your audiences are

Every tip on the web will tell you how important it is to grow your fan following on social media. You’ve also been told to focus on quality, rather than quantity. What’s the point of having over a million followers if they’re only interested in your business just because you posted a photo of Ariana Grande?

The million dollar question here is: who do you want to attract with your Instagram posts? Are they real estate brokers looking for a great deal on real estate properties online? Are they stay-at-home mums who want to learn how to make money from home in their spare time?

Ever heard about creating a buyer persona? It’s really popular today and helps you find your ideal targeted audience. Once you’ve created a buyer persona, all you have to do is start following them and targeting them with your Instagram posts to make sure they land on one of your product pages on your website.

A&W – a fast food restaurant – is very good at targeting their audience. They ran a campaign posting content around healthy recipes to drive health-conscious people to their landing page:

(Image Source: A&W Canada)


2. Use relevant hashtags

In order to grow your Instagram followers, make sure you use hashtags as often as you can. Why? Because it gives your posts more visibility. You see, Instagram users are “bored” people who surf for hours clicking on one hashtag after another, only stopping occasionally to check out an interesting post.

So, which hashtags should you use?

If you want to build targeted followers, do this:

Add your hashtags in your comment, not in the photo. Put your hashtags in the “comment section” of your photo. Firstly, it will make your post look nice and clean. Secondly, it makes your caption look different. Remember – hashtags are used so that people can find you. It’s not for people to read. Thirdly, you can add as many hashtags in your comment as you can.

Here’s how to get started with hashtags:

a. Type a “general hashtag” that is relevant to your audience or industry.

For instance, if you’re in digital marketing niche, type the root word “#digitalmarketer” and see what pops up.

(Image source: Neil Patel)


From the result above, add as many relevant hashtags as you can in your Instagram comment section. This will also give you an idea what hashtags you should use in the future for your posts.

Once you find a list of hashtags that gives your posts more exposure, simply copy them down into a note on your phone. In future posts, you can simply copy and paste these hashtags in your comments, instead of typing them every time.

Okay, so how many hashtags should you use?

Follow this simple rule: Post no more than 5 hashtags and don’t go beyond 30. If you go beyond 30, Instagram won’t allow you to post in the comment.

3. Interact with other people’s content, too

Don’t rely on hashtags to promote your posts effectively. Also, go and find like-minded people in your industry who use hashtags, too.

For instance, let’s say you’re in a health and fitness niche. Search Instagram for hashtags such as #Fitnesstips, #Fitnessinspiration, or #FitnessAddict. Once you’ve done that, engage with people who are posting similar content with this hashtag.

Search for similar hashtags to your posts, and engage with them, by liking, following, and even commenting. (Image Source: Mulpix)


Usually, what happens when you like or comment on other people’s content is that they’ll get a notification which will display your name and avatar.

In most instances, the Instagram user will look at your profile. If they like your profile, they’ll not only follow you, but also like, share, and comment on your posts, too.

4.Grab your people’s attention

Since Instagram is all about image, you can post original photos of yours to grab additional people’s attention and make them follow you back.

Here’s how:

  • Upload your own pictures.No, don’t post viral pictures or stock photos.
  • Make your photos highly relevant. Whenever you upload your photo, take a time to consider your audience: Who do you want to attract? What will drive their audience? I’ll give some examples below.
  • Add your location. If you give a location to your photo, you’ll get more exposure. Simply because it will “live” in that location. For example, anyone who is searching for images taken in your area will find your photo.

Finally, hit the “Add Location” on the new screen, like this:

(Image source: Niel Patel)


Instagram will then offer you a list of relevant locations for you.

But if you wish, you can enter your own location, and Instagram will display popular locations nearby.

(Image source: Niel Patel)


Insider tip: To get more visibility to your posts, always choose a popular location.

5. Share your posts on other platforms, too.

Once you’ve built a nearly perfect presence on your Instagram with plenty of useful and relevant content, do this: go ahead and post your content on other platforms, too (Facebook, Twitter, for example). It’s a clever tactic to drive additional followers to your Instagram profile.

(Image source: Social Examiner)


You can post your Instagram posts or account on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and other channels. Be more creative with your Instagram marketing by sharing one of your best sample posts on your Instagram profile.

6. Use descriptive image caption

When sharing photos, make sure to add highly relevant descriptions about it (almost 98% of people miss this step).

You can add as much as 2,200 characters long description. But, remember, Instagram will only display the first three lines to your followers. So, make sure to cram all juicy information at the beginning of your post.

Instagram has a problem with line breaks. To overcome these issues, type your image caption in a notepad, copy and paste it into Instagram. It’s that simple.

(Image Source: LinkedIn)


I’ve found that long, descriptive, and engaging image caption gets more likes, comments, and shares than the ones without it. This way, you’ll add more value to yor post, and people will like you for that extra step.

7. Post regularly (at least one time a day)

In early 2015, Quintly – an analytics tool for social media – ploughed through over 5,000 Instagram profiles and discovered that on average Instagram users post at least one time a day.

More interestingly, users with higher fan following seemed to post even more – at least 2-3 times a day… on average. This concludes that most successful Instagram accounts have a higher post frequency.

(Image source: Buffer Social)


Also, Instagram is soon launching a timeline feature, just like on Facebook, which is a key ingredient of getting higher visibility for your Instagram posts.

If you’re posting on a regular basis, and your posts are getting a good engagement rate, we think this new timeline algorithm will decide your posts should appear higher in your follower’s news feed.

8. Become proactive on Instagram community

In addition to posting high-quality posts on your Instagram profiles, you can also become an active member of your community there.

Personally speaking, I have found so much of inspiration from Instagram. I meet new people every day. I learn new things. It’s a great place for networking and self-development.

Here’s what you need to do in order to become a valuable member of your Instagram community:

  • Follow people who follow you back
  • If someone comments, reply directly to them using @username, in the comment section.
  • Like and comment on posts that have hashtags relevant to yours
  • Like other people’s comments as well
  • Talk directly to people with whom you’re interested in.
  • In your posts, tag people with whom you’ve developed a relationship.
  • Ask for feedback, questions in your photos.


Instagram is a great place for brand awareness and driving sales. But many people neglect it because it seems challenging for them to get a solid following.

However, there’s a simple and easy way to build a powerful following of targeted and real users.

The above steps are the exact steps I personally use to drive more than 350+ fan followers every single day.

The best thing about this is you get loyal followers. And, as long as you’re providing value to them on a regular basis, they won’t hit the “unfollow” button.

Rather, they’ve spread the word about me to their people, and in return, my followers keep on growing.

Soon, you’ll reach a point where you no longer have to follow anyone as aggressively as you’ll do now. Instead, people will be searching you to follow you, at which time, all your hard work would have been paid well off. By that time, you’ll already have established yourself as a powerful Instagram brand.