How to Make a Good First Impression with your LinkedIn Profile

How to Make a Good First Impression with your LinkedIn Profile

  • A good LinkedIn profile will enable potential customers to learn more about you and what your business has to offer
  • Highlight awards, certifications and achievements you’ve earned to display your skills to the LinkedIn community
  • Join groups and communities to spread your business and increase your follower-base

When it comes to achieving the best results with your LinkedIn marketing plan, it’s important to have a comprehensive LinkedIn profile for visitors to look at. This allows prospects to understand more about your businesses and what you have to offer.


Promote Your Skills and Services

This involves outlining what skills and experience you have that will benefit potential clients. LinkedIn has the ability to help you get endorsements from your colleagues and connections for keywords that relate to professional skills. If you offer skills that are part of their top 10 list, your profile will be more visible to site members.


Promote Your Company’s Projects and Success

Having a showcase for your completed work is a great way to provide an example of the services and/or product you can provide. This gives prospects a realistic depiction of what they can expect from your company, along with how such services can benefit their own business. Each project can be linked straight to your website and each employee involved in the project can be included as well.


Provide Links to Publications and Other Media

For authors, website contributors and e-book writers, LinkedIn features a Publication section that lets you showcase the work you’ve done for other businesses. Each link can direct visitors straight to the source, along with options for them to buy the book or publication.


Showcase Awards and Honors You’ve Received

LinkedIn features a comprehensive Awards and Honors section for business owners, which allows them to showcase the awards and recognition they’ve received for their work. Having received acclaim and praise from notable industry experts is an excellent way to boost your profile.

If you’re specializing within a specific niche or industry, then it’s important that potential clients know you’re educated or qualified in that certain field. LinkedIn’s Certifications section lets you do this with ease, by giving you the ability to provide links for site visitors to learn more about the certification itself.

Good First Impression with your LinkedIn Profile

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Courses Section

This section is designed for people who have undergone training or education without receiving some kind of certification. A good example of this is ‘on-the-job’ training, where you have learnt valuable skills, but have not received an official document outlining what you’ve learnt.



Those who are associated with an established organization related to their industry can highlight this in the Organizations section. This can apply to organizations you’re either a member of or have a leading position in yourself.


Languages Spoken

Due to the international scope of LinkedIn’s user base, being able to speak multiple languages is an excellent selling point to highlight. Many studies show that bilinguals often benefit from improved problem-solving skills and access to wide social networks. Be sure to include your bilingual skills in LinkedIn’s language section.

Good First Impression with your LinkedIn Profile

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Promote Other LinkedIn Groups

When members visit your profile they can view all the groups you have joined. This gives visitors an incentive to become involved in communities that you’re associated with, and it also gives you the option to include industry-related keywords that will boost your LinkedIn profile. Members who manage their own groups can also highlight this in their profile.

By taking the time to make your profile complete, it will give visitors a plethora of content to read and learn more about you. The more a potential client understands your involvement within the industry, the more likely they will take an interest in you.