LinkedIn Success Stories and How to Stay Relevant Among your Target Market

LinkedIn Success Stories and How to Stay Relevant Among your Target Market

  • Take a look at how big businesses have used LinkedIn to successfully promote themselves
  • Learn how to stay relevant among your target audience through community building and growth
  • Use Sponsored Updates to boost the presence of your LinkedIn content


How to Remain Relevant with your Target Audience

When looking for new prospects and customers, it is important to remain consistent and stay relevant to your target audience. If you don’t, it provides a window of opportunity for your competitors to take the lead. With LinkedIn, it is possible to filter out and sort through the database of communities. This allows you to operate according to the size of your company, what industry you’re involved in and the job position’s you may be seeking. The array of customizable tools in LinkedIn makes all of this possible.

Once you start connecting with your audience, you may wish to reach out and invite them to your email listing. To do this, simply send a message with a link to your sign-up page and outline the benefits they can receive from joining. This is an easy way to develop a following and can be adjusted according to the wants/needs of your target market.

As you begin to establish a following, keep your prospects updated with quality content on a regular basis, this gives something for your followers to engage with. Whether it’s an informative or opinion piece, creating good content helps establish your brand as a trustworthy and reliable source of information, which can lead to generating interest among prospective clients.

Naturally, your presence on LinkedIn will grow organically. During this growth phase, it is important to maintain and update your business’ pages. Having an existing lead or network of past clients is great, but if your profile pages show no recent activity, they may see you as outdated or lacking behind. Be sure to regularly update your pages with content that’s relevant to your current activity, including posts, images, and videos.

Due to LinkedIn’s influence and accessibility in the digital landscape, many prospects may check your LinkedIn page first before looking at your website or other social media pages. Make an impressive first introduction by having engaging content for them to explore, which will entice them to check out your other pages


Groups and Communities

Just as it’s important to have people join your group, it is also worth associating with groups or communities that are relevant to your target market. This lets you branch out into other avenues and provides insight into what other communities your target audiences is interested in. Thanks to LinkedIn’s InMail service, it is possible to interact with these new communities and groups simply through messages.


Sponsored Updates

Another good LinkedIn marketing tool to take advantage of is their Sponsored Updates feature. This allows businesses to customize their marketing efforts by choosing which demographic sees their posts, including gender, location, age, skills, and job title, to name a few. Sponsored Updates lets you directly reach your target audience, without becoming part of irrelevant clutter that will tarnish your marketing efforts.


Stay Relevant Among your Target Market

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Since launching, public response to Sponsored Updates has been positive. Social media manager company Hootsuite provided a comprehensive overview of the service, who praised it for its ease of use and approach to native advertising, which they claimed was, “…less intrusive compared to banner ads appearing in feeds just like ordinary posts.” Other social media services, such as the Social Media Examiner, stated that “Sponsored Updates allow you to promote your message to others outside your company page following. At the same time, you can target who sees that message…”


Examples of Industry Success Using LinkedIn

The best way to understand how LinkedIn can generate interest in your brand is to simply show how other companies have done it.

Unlike Facebook and Twitter, LinkedIn operates on a more subdued and discreet level. This may seem challenging for marketing campaigns to run successfully through LinkedIn. However, this fact alone means greater success for those who stand out, since the competition is much smaller compared to if you promoted yourself on Facebook or Twitter. This is not to discredit the benefits of advertising through those services, as they are all equally useful, it is simply interesting to see what results can be achieved by utilizing the features offered through one of many social media platforms. Below are some success stories in relation to LinkedIn, which will hopefully provide some inspiration for your next marketing campaign.


1. American Express ‘Everything You Do’

In celebration of the Administrative Professionals’ Day, American Express developed an app called ‘Everything You Do.’ This allowed LinkedIn members to vote for and nominate administrators within their company, in the hopes of winning Amex gift cards valued from $25 to $2,500. This gave employees and incentive to recognize exceptional work within their field, which was a success due to the social media platform that was chosen for the campaign. This is a great example of a multinational corporation using LinkedIn marketing tools successfully.


2. CNN Money ‘Top 100 Companies to Work for’

CNN Money was one of the first companies to take advantage of LinkedIn’s Company Insider feature. Their process involved publishing a best-of-list comprised of the top 100 companies to work for. By using the Company Insider feature, CNN was able to connect each of the top 100 businesses with the employees and executives they were involved with. This strategic move helped showcase the networking potential of LinkedIn’s system, which helped create a realistic depiction of where members can head towards through making the right connections.


3. The Weinstein Co. ‘Path to Success’

Hollywood film studio The Weinstein Co. promoted their film The Butler through LinkedIn marketing’s Sponsored Updates feature. They started a contest called ‘Path to Success,’ which invited members to join the promotional strategy and have a chance to win. The three winning entrants were given access to a high-level business executive, along with a top recruiter and career coach.

These success stories help position LinkedIn as more than just a marketplace for hiring or being hired. Due to LinkedIn’s connections with multinational corporations, including Microsoft, Phillips, Citigroup and more, marketing generates approximately $63 million per quarter.

Take inspiration for these stories and see how you can use LinkedIn marketing to your advantage for your next marketing campaign.