Pokémon Go is the Future of Marketing for local Businesses

  • The Target Audience is as large as 9.5 Million Daily Active users
  • The game is becoming increasingly popular especially among the youngsters, most of the players are reported between the ages 16 to 30 and they can be a good target as potential customers
  • The most important thing Pokémon GO can do for you is to bring people to your doorstep and once that has been done, you can promote your own services by parallel promotion easily

Marketing with Pokémon Go

Pokémon GO has proved the importance of location marketing and has made it clear that for local businesses, email marketing is nothing. The game has become popular in no time and there are more than 2.5 Million users online, all of them desperate to get higher and higher rank in the game. This is where the local businesses can come in and trade for a customer in exchange of Poke-Deals and gets a large number of customers. The largest benefit is for the restaurants and food-related businesses where the players can stop to grab something to eat while collecting the game characters and bonuses.

Pokémon Go is an augmented reality game in which the user collects different characters from different places and the fun part is that the user has to physically go to a place to access it in the game. The game is controlled by GPS. You might be wondering how an insanely popular game can be a better marketing tool than email marketing which has been proven over the years. Well, your concern is right and here we have the answers for you.

  • If you are lucky enough to have your business located near a ‘Poke-stop’, you can attract the wild Pokémon to your place using the poke-lures. Once they are at your place, the players will get crazy to come to your shop or restaurant to come and catch those. You can charge for a check-in to your shop or can simply make the users buy from you.

How to Do it?

  • The first thing that you want is to know whether or not there is a poke-stop near your business. To do this, download the Pokémon GO app from the Google Play Store (for Android) or iTunes store (iPhone). Now you just have to launch the game from your business location and see if there is a purple or blue shape near you. If it is, you have the luck to benefit from the Pokémon GO.
  • After you know that you are located exactly over or near a poke-stop, here comes the need of money as a marketing tool. Use real money to buy the game currency termed Poke-coins and then you can use them to place a poke-lure near you. The wild Pokémon will be attracted straight to you. Talking of the costs of this amazing new marketing technique, you can get 84 hours of poke-lures for just $100. It means that one hour of marketing costs just 1.19 USD.

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Parallel Marketing – A concept better than email marketing

Once you discover that your business is located near a poke-stop, just place a board outside, offering special deals to attract pedestrians searching for Pokémon’s. You can make offers like free beverages or other incentives for the Pokémon hunters if they order a specific product from you. The people looking for Pokémon will prefer you as they cannot only find something nice to eat but can also catch some good Pokémon while at your place.

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Get Sponsored By Niantic

At present, a user can only influence the Pokémon GO gameplay by using the paid Poke-lures to attract the wild Pokémon and in turn the players to a specific point but Niantic has confirmed that in the near future they will sponsor specific locations on the game maps where the users can find potential Pokémon. This will be a new era of location marketing. Once you get your business sponsored as a Poke-stop, you can ask the customers to pay a specific amount in order to be able to access all the Pokémon you have at your business location. The first locations to be sponsored will probably be some McDonald’s location in Japan.

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Geo-Fencing can also be used

Geo-fencing an area with a large number of poke-stops and Gyms can prove to be very beneficial for location based marketing. A geo-fence is a digital boundary of an area and when a user enters it with their phone’s GPS turned on; you can track their mobile ID and then use it to send them banner ads with Pokémon theme to attract them to your business. For adult users, you can also use messaging to tell them about your business and provide them offers, if they come to your business place to catch Pokémon. This technique has been proven to be way better than email marketing.

While drawing the geo-fence, one problem that you may face is that there are no proper maps of the area available. The gameplay enables the users to see only what is in their immediate proximity and the places farther away cannot be seen. To rectify this situation, you can use the maps of Ingress, another game from the same team (Niantic) to know the locations of potential Poke-Stops and Gyms. Though not 100% accurate, yet it is found that most of the details of the maps of both games are the same.

Pokémon Go has just opened a new era of location-based marketing. This is just the start and the concept of augmented reality games and apps has to bring much more for the location-based marketing. Email Marketing may be a good thing in itself but location based marketing can give better results as more startups are hoped to come in with better-augmented reality concepts like wearable devices and combinations of VR and AR. Discover your community with Netcinity and become the leader in with new trends in digital marketing!