How I use Digg Marketing to increase by traffic by over 5000%

Digg This: A 5000% increase in site traffic

  • Sensational front liners stories can generate a whopping 200,000 visitors
  • Each story is given 24 hours to collect as many votes as possible
  • Top 15 stories get 2 hours or so of fame before being pushed down
  • Content like breaking news, how-to guides, news on high-profilers, lists and offbeat stories get the most votes.
  • 6 Quick Tips to getting a front liner, including the one listed below
  • Hacks and How to – Create “How-to” that can fit a mention to Roomba or Pleo, or even better, hacking a Wii remote to control your Pleo through your iPhone.

My colleagues and I having been raving about, having witnessed the wonders it can do in driving traffic to your site after it’s been dug by Digg users. Such is its power that it can increase traffic by over 200,000 for the really popular sites. Well, it did 50 fold for me after my site made it to the Digg homepage.

If you haven’t heard of Digg, it is a social news site where users discover, highlight and promote content that they find interesting or newsworthy. How it works is that users submit content that they reckon deserves attention and the community simply votes for what they like. If your content is popular enough, it reserves a front page spot where potentially millions of visitors can view it. “Digged” content can be news articles, videos, and images from all sorts of categories including entertainment, sports, science, world, business and technology.

However, with the massive amount of content online nowadays, it’s a tough competition to get ‘dugg’ and a race to make it to the front page! Each story is given a 24 hours frame to collect as many votes to propel it to homepage headline where the top 15 stories get their two hours or so of fame before it gets pushed down the chart by other emerging headlines. This only means you have a limited time to catch the fleeting attention of users.

But get it right and you can expect traffic to soar by over 10,000 unique visitors. Digg has the ability to gain such a massive response that some sites have even crumbled under the sudden influx of visitors, leading to the coining of the term the ‘Digg Effect’, when sites fail to grapple with the thousands of visitors and slow down or go out of service temporarily.

Also, instead of digging your own content, which I reckon won’t count for much given how big the Digg community is, use Digg to your advantage in another way.

Start off by signing up for a free account on, but don’t immediately submit your content. Familiarize yourself with the website and check out the stories that make it to the front page to get an idea of what users like.

Here are some quick suggestions and tips to get you the visibility you want.

  • Flame, Microsoft , Vista or anything logically except Digg in a single post
  • Write something related to Apple, Pleo, Wii or other popular tech gadgets. Extra points if they are unheard rumors which you can create fake evidence for
  • Embed a Youtube Video that shows a retard or something contagiously funny
  • Hacks and How to–Create “How-to” that can fit a mention to Roomba or Pleo, or even better, hacking a Wii remote to control your Pleo through your iPhone.
  • Share your excitement with exclamation marks at the end or “Funny Video!!!!” Extra points if you can squeeze in some bracketed number for some line noise.
  • Perform some unusual transformation to any piece of food, or some hot consumer product. E.g. Toasts with Harry Potter effigy or try microwaving a Wii.

To really use Digg as a powerful marketing tool takes more effort, though. If you intend to play the game, you’ll need the help of friends. Starting making friends on Digg so you can invite them to digg it when you submit a story. Make friends in the right places; those whose submissions get front page glory and avid users who often digg stuff. Do a ‘you scratch my back and I’ll scratch yours’ by digging your friend’s stories and inviting them to digg yours in return. Hopefully, powerful users whose stories you’ve dugg will reciprocate and even add you as a friend, increasing your popularity in the community.

These friends could be key to generating diggs that will catalyst your story forward. Meanwhile, continue to work at developing a keen sense of Digg newsworthiness and sniff out these stories by setting up RSS feeds and alerts.

Scoring with Digg can bring about tremendous results. With a sensational piece, it can drive a massive amount of traffic to your site in a short spend of time and gain widespread exposure for your brand.

Digg away!


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