Choosing a format for your campaign

Last Updated: Jul 26, 2016

You can create three different email campaign formats:

  • Designer
  • HTML
  • Text only

In this article, we’ll discuss the pros and cons of each campaign type so you can choose the format that is best for your needs. I’ll also show you how to select these formats in the app.

Designer Template

Designer templates are the most popular campaign format. The Designer gives you an easy-to-use, drag-and-drop interface for creating and formatting your campaign.
We’ve created a variety of beautiful templates you can customize to create visually stunning campaigns.
Every aspect of these templates can be modified to create the exact look and feel you want.

You can insert content blocks into your campaign and customize them to create your layout.
For more detailed guidance on how to use the Designer, see our help document on creating a campaign using the Designer.

Creating a Designer campaign

To create a simple email campaign using the Designer, you can select “Build from Scratch” and choose from Newsletter, Right Column, or Left Column. 

1. To create an email campaign from a Designer template, mouse over a template thumbnail from the Design step of the campaign creation process.

2. A button will appear. Click “Use this Design” to select that template. You’ll be asked to specify your sender information and choose a subject line for your campaign. 

3. You’ll be redirected to the Designer where you can drag and drop content blocks onto your campaign and customize those blocks.

4.For more detailed instructions on how to use the Designer to design and format a campaign, see our help document on that topic. 


An HTML email gives you complete control over the design of the campaign. However, you must be familiar with HTML and CSS to create a campaign.
If you aren’t familiar with HTML and CSS code, but still want an appealing visual design for your email, you might want to use a Designer template. 

HTML emails should be previewed before sending so that you can be sure your campaign displays correctly in the most popular email clients and on mobile devices.
To avoid display issues, you may want to use our Designer templates which have been carefully optimized to display correctly across popular devices and email clients.

Creating an HTML email

To create an HTML email,

1. Create a new campaign and go through the steps of the campaign creation process until you reach the “Design” step
(this is the third step (after choosing the campaign type and selecting the list you will send to). At this step, you’ll see a variety of Designer templates. 

2. Click “Build from Scratch:”

You’ll be presented with a modal window allowing you to choose from additional campaign options. Click “Custom HTML” to select it. Then click “Okay.”

4. After specifying your sender information and creating your campaign’s subject line,click “Continue.” 

5. You’ll be redirected to a simple HTML editor and preview. On the left side, you insert your code and on the right side you’ll see a preview of it.  

Text only

You may want your campaign to be as simple as possible so your contacts focus their attention on the content of your copy.
Or, you may want to send a campaign that looks like a personal email that is sent from one person to another. In these cases, you’d want to send a “Text only” email campaign.
A “Text only” message contains only plain text — there are no images or text formatting (such as bold or line height). 

When you use a Text only email, open tracking will not work because it requires HTML code to know when a campaign has been viewed.
Open tracking will be automatically disabled when you send a Text only campaign and cannot be enabled. 

When you send a Text only email, it will be displayed slightly differently depending on the email client a contact uses to open the message.
This is because email clients use different fonts and formatting to display plain text emails.

Creating a Text Only email

1. To create a Text only email campaign, you do so from the “Design” step of the campaign creation process. 

2. Click “Build from Scratch.” 
You’ll be presented with a modal window allowing you to choose from additional campaign options. 

3. Click “Text Only” to select it. Then click “Okay.” After specifying your sender information and creating your campaign’s subject line, click “Continue.” 

4. You’ll be redirected to a plain text editor so that you can write the copy for your campaign. 

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