How do I purchase a mobile app online?

1. Log into your client account: 
(you will need your email and password)

2. Go to  Services --> Order New Services

3. Select "Mobile App Software" Tab
Click on "Mobile App Software" Button
Click on "Add to Cart"

4. Check the radio box "custom theme" if you are purchasing the "custom theme" add-on. 
Otherwise, just press 'Add to Cart"

6. Enter your promotional coupon code if any.
Your discount and update price will be reflected in the order summary.

7.  Select your payment method.
Check the box to confirm that you agree to the terms of service.
Then click 'complete order'.

8. Follow the instructions online. 
For paypal payments, you will be prompted to pay online immediately
For cheque and bank transfer, you will be prompted on the payment instructions.

9. Once the payment is received, our staff will contact you for the next steps. 
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