How do I make 1024x1024 App Icon with Photoshop?

How to make a 1024x1024 app icon with Photoshop!

Photoshop is a valuable tool within the app building platform.  With Photoshop, you can create app icons, splash screens, app tab backgrounds, and more. You can purchase Photoshop for $50/month using the link below - it's a solid investment!

1. Open Photoshop.

2. Click File - New Image

3. Set the size to 1024 x 1024. Click save.

4. Go to the business website and you can
- save images from the website.
- take a screen capture by pressing CTRL + ALT + PRNTSCRN (top right corner on a PC) OR COMMAND + Shift + 4 on a MAC. This captures a particular section of your screen (The section is dictated by you)

5. For this example I took a screen shot of this business website.


7. If you're on a PC, go to Photoshop, and press CTRL + V (CMD + V on a Mac) to paste the image.


9. Now, adjust the image to your liking. I like the purple background here so I'm going to use the "Selection Tool" to grab the background of the purple, stretch it, and fill the screen with it.

10. I make my selection, copy / paste it to create a new layer, and then press (CTRL + T on a PC) (CMD + T on a Mac) to "transform" the layer to fill up the image screen.

11. When I'm done transforming the layer, it fills up the screen.

12. Now I'm going to add a logo to this purple background. I do this by taking the original screen capture with the logo and adjust the logo - in the same way as this purple background. I also moved the original screen capture "layer" up so I could view it.

13. I copy / paste the logo and delete the screen capture I originally placed on this icon image. I'm left with a purple background and a logo.

14. Now I'm going to "transform" to fill the icon by pressing (CTRL + T on a PC) (CMD + T on a Mac). This just basically means I'm going to fill up the icon with the logo. Hold "shift" while adjusting the logo to keep the dimensions of the logo.

15. Done! This will look very nice when displayed on an iPhone. It is best to keep an icon simple because when it's viewed on an iPhone it will be very small. In other words, intricate details will be hard to see on a mobile device.

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