White Label for Ask Alvin, Mobile App, and Social Media Manager Account

Our partnership model are designed with the partners in mind. 

Given our regular software updates and the volume required to justify creating your own internal support team, we encourage partners to focus on sales and leave support to us.

We however offer flexible private labelling options for our Mobile App solution that allows resellers to sell Apps without any mention of Conversion Hub Marketing.

Ask Alvin Sales CRM

We allow white labelling of each email that is send out by the platform. Conversion Hub Marketing Footer link removed.

1) Can Ask Alvin back end be white labelled or co-branded? No

Ask Alvin Mobile Apps

We offer full white labelling options for our platform. Do note that all support will have to be provided by you.

1) Can Mobile App back end be white labelled? Yes (Mobile App Hub)

2) Can your help me to maintain and publish the app on a white label Google or Apple Account? Yes (Mobile App Hub)

General Questions

1. Is there a white lable knowledge base (http://chm.conversion-hub.com/clients/knowledgebase.php) or is there an RSS feed that they can draw from? No
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