Which type of Ads appear on Mobile?

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With no ad column available on Facebook’s mobile site or applications, mobile ads appear in News Feed. These can appear as Sponsored Stories or Page Post Ads. Marketplace Ads are not yet available on mobile. However, you can also purchase Promoted Posts to appear in more fans’ feeds.

Sponsored Stories

Sponsored Stories often appear under the headline “Pages You May Like.” These ads use social context and appear as a separate module from page or user posts. Users can click the thumbs-up button to like the respective page, making it a lightweight engagement for business looking to build their page likes.



Page Post Ads

Page post mobile ads appear directly in News Feed. They do not require social context, meaning they can be targeted to users beyond fans and friends of fans. A prompt to Like the page is featured at the bottom of the ad. These are larger units than some of the “Pages You May Like” Sponsored Stories described above. Although the example below uses a link, these mobile ads can include photos, offers, questions, videos or events. Sometimes these ads include a “Suggested Post” label at the top.



Promoted Posts

Promoted Posts are not bought through the Facebook Ads marketplace, and through the promote button on pages instead. These are not ads exactly, but a way to ensure that your posts are seen by more people. However, because they are not bought through the ads marketplace, they do not have the same targeting options. They can only be shown to existing fans and friends of fans, and page owners should think about targeting the initial page post to a narrower audience than all fans.

Promoted Posts have the same properties as a traditional story that fans would see in News Feed, making them even more inconspicuous than a Page Post Ad. Instead of a button to Like the page, these units include options to interact with the post by Liking, commenting or sharing. These are a great way to engage existing fans on mobile applications or desktop, wherever they are more likely to discover your content. Facebook will optimize where these should be displayed. 

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