PROJECT: AIP Corporation Campaign

CLIENT: AIP Corporation


AIP is one of Asia’s leading companies in online market research, serving market research companies worldwide through its well-conditioned proprietary online panels across Asia. They have offices in Japan, China, Korea, Hong Kong, New York and Singapore.


As a marketing research company, AIP Singapore establishes its own proprietary panels of consumers to conduct local marketing research. AIP Singapore is launching a marketing campaign to encourage Singaporeans to sign up as part of their consumer panel.  Each registration form is Double Opt-in and requires the user to disclose significant personal information and fill in length questionnaires for extensive profiling. Historically, Search Engine Advertising and Paid advertising has been extremely costly and ineffective for them.


AIP Corporation engaged Conversion Hub to establish conversion metrics and to initiate a core solution for driving sign-ups through their Double Opt-in panel registration form. For the advertising campaign, Conversion Hub developed a series of unique brand experience banners that were driven through its CPA Tyler network. A reward system was also integrated into the network setup with a refer-a-friend functionality enabled to allow viral spreading of the campaign

The Results

  • Sign-ups quickly skyrocketed by well over 800%
  • This outperformed search advertising by around 12 times
  • Cost per conversion dropped from $35 to $3
Technologies Applied
  • Social Media Marketing
  • CPA Tyler Networks
  • Google Analytics