PROJECT: Eagle Eye Centre Website Revamp

CLIENT: Eagle Eye Centre


EEC is one-stop specialist centre for Presbyopia and LASIK in Singapore. EEC was officially opened in 28 November 2006. EEC is one of the first eye clinic to integrate ophthalmic and optometric eye care under one roof and offers a comprehensive range of services including: refractive surgery, presbyopia treatment, cataract surgery, retina services, corneal transplants, glaucoma and diabetic eye treatments, management of ocular inflammations, myopia screening and myopia control. Our 3000 sq ft facility situated in Mt Alvernia Hospital provides high quality, professional and comprehensive eye care services to patients at affordable rates.


Due to increasing competition, Eagle Eye Centre (a LASIK clinic) wanted to increase the visibility of their website to acquire new customers. Cost per click (CPC) for eye-care related treatments (e.g. Lasik) was costly and as such, EEC wanted to focus on obtaining higher rankings for relevant keywords on major Search Engines. At the same time, EEC wanted to track online enquiries so that they could determine the effectiveness of their online marketing efforts.


Conversion Hub carried out a website usability test with a focus on increasing enquiry rates on EEC’s website. Following our assessment, we carried out split testing across variations such as the position of the call to actions, copywriting, and headers that maximized response rates. Conversion Hub implemented a Search Engine Optimization process, targeting listings in the result pages of and for high-value and relevant keywords. As part of the SEO process, Conversion Hub conducted an in-depth on-page and off-page analysis, uncovering high-value keywords and competitors’ rankings for comparison.

The Results

  • Top 3 Google rankings for competitive keywords including “eye centre”, “Lasik specialist”, “Lasik fees”, “epi Lasik”, “bladeless Lasik”, “myopia control”, “monovision”, “eye inflammation”
  • 360% improvement in email marketing open rates with 54% opens
  • 1500% improvement in email marketing click-through rates at 15%
  • 580% increase in online enquiries
Technologies Applied
  • HTML/ PHP /Flash
  • Website Usability Optimization
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Email Marketing
  • Google Analytics