PROJECT: Bayer Facebook Page



Bayer AG is a German multinational pharmaceutical and life sciences company. Headquartered in Leverkusen, where its illuminated corporate logo, the Bayer cross, is a landmark, Bayer’s areas of business include human and veterinary pharmaceuticals; consumer healthcare products; agricultural chemicals and biotechnology products; and high-value polymers.


“I Love being a Woman” was a social outreach campaign launched by a global pharmaceutical company in conjunction with the 5Oth year anniversary of the Pill.

Birth control is a relatively taboo topic in Asia and this posed a challenge for the company in terms of a social outreach.


In developing its communication plan, Conversion Hub adopted persona marketing in creating an emotional connection with its target audience through a social theme of women’s independence.

The Facebook page “I Love being a Woman” used a combination of humour and story-telling to bring the product to life. Singapore ladies on Facebook were invited to participate in an interactive tongue-in-cheek quiz application to better understand the facts and myths about birth control pills. Users were also able to  learn more about the pill through the quiz. One major consideration was also the shareability of the page and quiz, which lead to many participants sharing the campaign information & the quiz with their friends in exchange for prizes.

The Results

  • Over 1,000 Quiz Participants
  • Over 60% shared the quiz to their friends & family
Technologies Applied
  • Facebook Marketing
  • Persona Profiling