PROJECT: National Heritage Board Portal

CLIENT: National Heritage Board


The Museum Roundtable (MR) is an initiative led by the National Heritage Board (NHB) and consists of more than 50-member museums in Singapore. NHB alone currently employs close to 500 employees. MR is tasked with managing and communicating updates to its member museums .Each museum is independently operated by its own team outside of NHB.


MR required a platform to ease intra-department communication challenges and tackle the obvious usability issues their front-end digital modules were facing.


Conversion Hub helped introduce the MR Portal, which dramatically reduced the amount of paperwork handled by NHB, increasing the availability of up to date, reliable and accurate information organisation-wide and freeing staff to work more productively.

The MR portal developed an excellent reputation within the MR community. And resulted in the scope of engagement with NHB to be expanded to include yearly campaign micro-sites as well as digital engagement.

Conversion Hub also provided development and training support for the new portal. With the new system providing a seamless bridge between the MR Content Management System (CMS), digital resource management system and end-user access facilities, users were able to cut down on unnecessary logins and accounts, increasing productivity and cutting out wastages.

As the consultancy study progressed, the original contract was renegotiated to enable an accelerated phased implementation that delivered manageable components of the programme to deliver benefits progressively.

The MR portal was designed to support 3 user groups, namely the general public, MR members and MR administrators. On the front end, users were able to easily search and locate individual museums via Google Map using Google API. They were also able to subscribe via RSS feeds to the latest Museum events, share content with Friends via Email, Twitter, Google Buzz, Blogger, Digg and Facebook. On top of this, users could also search pages, excerpts, attachments, drafts, comments and custom fields (metadata), sign up to alerts via a mailing list or even embed the latest event widget directly onto their blog or website.

Originally, NHB had to communicate minutes via email or handouts during actual meetings. Now the administrator could upload not just meeting documents but also share event pictures directly through the MR portal. The MR Portal also acts as an online resource depository and currently supports over 50 museums in Singapore. MR musems are able to edit the content of their individualĀ  pages via a separate user interface as well as view and search for resources uploaded by the administrator.

The Results

  • Reduced through-life costs via more efficient use of resources
  • Increased productivity through reduced manual manipulation of data
  • Improved website usability
  • 1050% improvement in average time taken to find targeting information
Technologies Applied
  • 360 Ā° Human Design Methodology
  • Usability Testing
  • Heat Maps & Heuristic Evaluation
  • Cart Sorting/ Tree Path Analysis
  • HTML Slicing