PROJECT: NUS Portal Revamp

CLIENT: NUS Business School


Founded in the same year that Singapore gained independence, NUS Business School stands today among the world’s leading business schools. It is distinctive for offering the best of global business knowledge with deep Asian insights, preparing students to lead Asian businesses to international success and to help global businesses succeed in Asia. The School attracts a diversity of smart and talented students to our broad portfolio of academic programmes, including BBA, MBA, Executive MBA, MSc and PhD programmes in addition to our customised and open enrolment Executive Education courses. Admission to NUS Business School is highly competitive, and we are proud of the exceptional quality of our students.


To further engage and involve their 29,000 strong alumni, NUS Business School commissioned the development of an alumni portal. Despite heavy investment, the adoption rate, amount of traffic and participation rates were severely below expectation.


Conversion Hub initiated an overall strategic review of its existing alumni portal to help deliver world-class connectivity and value to its international body of 29,000 alumni. Deriving insights from a series of user research and usability testing studies, Conversion Hub then implemented its recommendations in phases, focusing on delivering connectivity & networking capabilities to the alumni community.

From the onset, Conversion Hub worked alongside the alumni office team to carry out user study which included stakeholder interviews, focus groups and surveys. As a result of the strategic review process, Conversion Hub identified the core value drivers of the alumni – which were connectivity and career development.

Leveraging on social networks such as Facebook, Conversion Hub initiated a revamp of the alumni portal which centered around a Web 2.0 Alumni Directory which aggregated alumni information from NUS Business School’s Microsoft Dynamics CRM, LinkedIn and Facebook through Facebook Open Graph protocol. By supplementing social information found on the web with existing alumni data, NUS Business School was able to create an enhanced directory that allowed alumni to easily filter, search and connect with fellow alumni through Facebook, LinkedIn or  email.

In order to facilitate alumni sign-ups and logins, the revamped portal also incorporated the Facebook Connect module which binds the NUS Business School portal accounts to Facebook Connect. Once a user’s Facebook account is authenticated with a registered alumni profile, he or she would be able to log in with their Facebook account.

To further leverage on existing alumni connections, social plugins such as the Like Button and activity feeds were tied in. This offered a deeper social experience for alumni members. Content was also published on the portal into Facebook’s social graph to reach out to the users’ friends, by allowing one-click shareability, viral growth was encouraged as well.

The Results

  • 400% increase in daily page views
  • 100% increase in time spent per user on the site
  • Over 900 alumni volunteers registered as mentors, advisors
  • Over 4,000 alumni connected across Facebook & LinkedIn
  • Over 450 Job Postings generating 22,000 page views
Technologies Applied
  • Conversion Hub Online Business Consulting
  • Conversion Hub Web Development Services
  • Cross -Platform Integrations
  • Viral Growth Hacking