PROJECT: Pocca Mobile App Redesign



Pocca is a platform that connects the pet community with relevant information, products, events & services.


Pocca is a product that is technically complicated because it requires the presentation of multiple categories of content in different languages, currencies and locations. The app needed to be scalable as the company expands overseas.


We created a commerce-first design instead of a pet-first design. We decided that a Commerce-centric design would better allow consumers and merchants to segregate the kind of information they required.

The app infrastructure was built with the knowledge that further expansion was just around the corner. We used a modular system that would allow Pocca to scale the app when they required it, without the need to rewrite the existing codes.


The Results

  • Pocca managed to partner events companies to allow leveraging of their product at huge conferences and events
  • More than 200% reduction in turn-around time when required to build a separate product that still runs on a Pocca’s engine for localization
Technologies Applied
  • Usability Testing
  • Heuristic Evaluation
  • Mobile Native iOS & Android
  • HTML, AngularJS, PHP and Magento
  • Stripe payments and MasterPass