PROJECT: Travelr Mobile App

CLIENT: Travelr


Travelr is a joint venture between a startup and leading Singapore travel agency that is supported by a private equity firm. The joint venture was created to build a platform that allows users to discover and book activities and experiences recommended to them based on their preferences.


Travelr had a previous mobile app and backend system from their previous startup that they needed to evolve to suit their joint venture needs. The company wanted to redesign their mobile app to elevate their user experience, as well as to allow themselves to differentiate from their competitors such as Expedia and Airbnb.


We created a consumer design that encapsulated the essence of modernity and simplicity. It was a combination of the latest design and technology trends at that time,. The app was also designed such that the typical customer lifecycle journey was a seamless experience from browsing through to purchasing.


For the traditional business (their suppliers/merchants), we introduced small changes into their backend web portal, that would give them ample time to adapt and adopt the new changes

It had to be a system robust enough to tolerate potential mistakes from an older or non-tech savvy generation, yet educational enough such that they can understand and use the system comfortably.

The Results

  • Travelr managed to secure long-term partnerships with Mastercard and various Tourism Boards
  • Impressive uptake of 1000 over merchants/suppliers over the course of a few months even before launch
  • Average of 80% consumer growth month on month organically
Technologies Applied
  • Usability Testing
  • Heuristic Evaluation
  • Mobile Native iOS & Android
  • HTML, AngularJS and PHP