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01: We are Singapore’s first DOUBLE CERTIFICATION

Google Adwords, the biggest global player in advertising, and SPH, the local giant. Why stop at one when you can have both?

02: We emphasize blended learning

Offline training is good, but so is online. We’ve setup an online academy packed with videos, slides and practical resources for our clients to boost their businesses with. Oh, and we also have excellent trainers.

03: We are a recognized and trusted brand

The Prime Minister’s Office, Singtel, Sentosa, Singapore Pools, NUS, HDB, Mindef & Microsoft can’t all be wrong.

04: We’ll make it interactive, yet intensive.

You’ll come to learn success. We’ll teach you how to attain it, but in a less boring way than lectures.

05: We have proven results

Everyone on the team is Adwords Certified, but wait, there’s more. Do you want a booming business with 12 million website visitors per year? We have that. It’s called SGCarMart. Why settle for anyone less?

06: We are better & faster

Our prices are extremely competitive, we pack our courses with tons of information, skills, and practical advice so all of you busy professionals and business people can spend more time on what matters most to you–your business.

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