The Changing Digital Landscape

Usually, websites and applications fail because they

  1. solve the wrong problem (Strategy Problem)
  2. have the wrong features or content for the right problem (Content/Features Problem)
  3. make the right features too complicated for users to understand (Usability Problem)

Conversion Hub help companies in all these areas.

Our consulting panel comes from diverse backgrounds including sgCarMart founding team. Today on a monthly basis, attracts over 40 million pages and 3 million visitors. Established in 2003, sgCarMart was the No.1 site in our category by Hitwise since 2005. In 2013, sgCarMart was acquired by SPH for $60 million.

Every website face the following online realities

  1. With 1 Trillion unique URLs online, the competition for viewers and eyeballs has become a vicious battleground
  2. Everyone is in your backyard. Major players like Google, Youtube and Facebook will compete with you for viewers and traffic. More often than not, they are the real competition due to their massive aggregated content.

Branding Architecture
How do I organize my brands online?

Competitive Positioning
How do I deliver business value to my digital customers?

Data & Editorial Strategy
How do I organize my existing data and define my online content strategy?