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Our Email Software makes it very easy for you to create, send and measure the impact of your email campaigns.
Start reaching out to your prospects and customers today with email marketing and grow your business.

Super User Friendly Admin Panel

You can easily create your email campaign in minutes. Upload your contacts with one-click and organize your customers easily in the contact list.

Drag & Drop Designer. No Coding needed.

Our drag & drop designer allows anyone to create interactive and beautiful emails that look professional.

Smart Engagement Technology

Improve your delivery by automatically removing non-engaged contacts. Easily re-send emails to contacts who have not opened your campaign.

Mobile Friendly

Our email templates are optimized for mobile devices along with all major email clients.

Get higher delivery rates

Our Email Software comes with real-time spam prevention system, email authentication and white listed email servers. Get more of your emails into inboxes without getting trapped in spam.

Bulk Import Emails Easily

Tired of getting your Yaho or Gmail account suspended for bulk sending? Not allowed to import your existing list? Our Email Software allows you to easily import your contact quickly and effortlessly.

100% Regulation Compliant

Comply with the latest email marketing guidelines easily. Our email software allows users to unsubscribe easily.

Automatic Contact Clean up

Don’t waste your time with incorrect or outdated contacts. The email software automatically removes invalid contacts along with people who unsubscribe.

Powerful Analytics

Find out who opened , clicked and forwarded your emails. Discover the best opening times and which content of your email gets the most click.

Automate your marketing

Set up autoresponders, drip marketing campaigns and automatically follow-up with your clients as they take actions after your email.

Integration with 3rd party software

Integrate with WordPress, ecommerce platforms, CRMs, accounting systems, webinars, payment systems, and more.

Email Templates Included

Start sending out emails from pre-designed templates which are easy to edit and send out.

Our Email Packages



per month

The Package includes

  • Unlimited sending based to contact list
  • Send newsletters or emails
  • Email results tracking
  • Drip marketing automation
  • Email ticketing support
  • Up to 3 user accounts




The Package Includes

  • 1 x newsletter layout base on your provided text and image.
Note: You are required to have an existing Email Software subscription with us.


Why do I need an email software to send out bulk emails?
If you are sending out more than 200 emails at one go, you will probably have to use an email software. Email providers such as Gmail & Yahoo typically have a sending limit of around 200 emails, following which they may delay the sending or suspend your account. Sending out from your own web host is also a bad idea as this may result in your own domain or IP may be blacklisted – which may cause your emails to go to the spam. Lastly, by using an email software with white-listed relays and real-time spam prevention, you may improve the delivery rate of your emails.  [/su_spoiler
Are there any other benefits of using an email software?
There are many upsides of using one. You can easily and quickly create a professional looking email with our drag and drop designer. With our analytics, you are able to view the results of your email campaign and follow-up with those who have expressed interest. You can also automate your reminders and promotion based on dates and actions.  

Can I upload an email database that I have purchased online?
Similar to all email service providers, our email software does not allow users to send out unsolicited emails to rented or purchased email lists. By doing so, we are able to ensure that our IPs remain white-listed and your emails are delivered right into your clients’ inboxes. 

How many emails can I send out?
 This will depend on the plan you are on. Our plans are based on the number of contacts you can upload. You can send an unlimited number of emails to your contact list. If you are on a 1000 contact plan, this means you can upload up to 1000 contacts to your email software, and send out as many emails you want to them.

Am I able to white label the email software and resell it to my clients?
We currently do not allow white labellng of the email software. Interested partners can still resell our email software. Please contact for more information.



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