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Get your email newsletter done professionally and cost effectively!

Super Fast Delivery

We layout your enewsletter within the next business day of receiving all information.

100% Hassle Free

Provide us with your text and images and we will layout your email newsletter within your email software - which you can send out later. Simple and fast!

100% Mobile Responsive

All our email newsletters are 100% mobile friendly and look good on desktops, tablets and mobile phones!

Leading Best Practices

Stay within the guidelines of best email marketing practices. We include web-browser friendly links, unsubscribe links and check on the spam score of your email.

100% Money Back Guarantee

14 Day Risk Free Period. If you are not satisfied with your purchase, we will refund your money back!

Newsletter Package



The Package includes

  • 1 x email newsletter layout based on your provided text and image in your email software
  • 14 Day Risk Free Money Back Guarantee
Note: You are required to have an existing Email Software subscription with us.

Email Software



per month

The Software Includes

  • Unlimited sending based to contact list
  • Send newsletter
  • Email results tracking
  • Drip campaigns
  • Email ticketing support
  • Up to 3 users

What you need to provide:

  1. All text and images organized in the order you want in word format.
  2. Login access to your email software

What we will provide

  1. 1 email newsletter layout
  2. Email ticketing support

Newsletter Layout Package

You place an order online and successfully make payment

Provide us with your email content (text and images) and email subject.

We will get back within 24 hours with your email newsletter draft.

Once done, you can take over the email newsletter and send it out effortlessly!


What is the difference between Newsletter Layout and Email Software?
Newsletter layout is a service to help you with layout your content in the email software.

Email Software is the software that you purchase to deliver the email. You will need to have an existing email software subscription with us before you can purchase our newsletter layout. 

I am using Mailchimp (or another email software). Can I still purchase the newsletter layout service?
Yes. We provide free migration from your existing email platform to our email software. You will need purchase a new email software plan with us in order for us to assist you with the newsletter layout.

Will my contact list be confidential?
Yes. We have a strict data policy. All your email database belongs only to you. Only authorized staff working directly on your account and management have access to your login details. At our end, we have strict non-disclosure agreements with individual staff and all data access is monitored.

Are there any revisions for the Newsletter Layout?
No. We do not allow for revisions. You will be able to edit on your own after we are done creating the email campaign. For typos or errors, we will assist with the changes.

What type of design can I expect?
There is no design involved. We will layout your content (text and image) into a email newsletter. Click here to view our standard layout.

Who is this package suitable for?
Any business who needs to send out email newsletters regularly to their customers. They can be promotional emails, festive greetings, news updates or announcements.

This package is for clients who do not want to handle the time-consuming task of creating newsletters and figuring out how to send them.


Can you help to write content for the newsletter?
No. We do not offer this service. For you to take up our newsletter blast package, you should have all your content ready. We do not provide any form of copy writing or editing.

Are you able to help do custom graphics, banners or artwork for the newsletter?
Please enquire separately at Our rates start from $200 onwards for custom graphics, banners and artwork. Quotation is based on manhours.

What if I need help with more than 1 newsletter?
You can simply purchase another package.

Can you help me to upload additional contacts to my email database.
Yes. We can assist you with that. Your email database has to be sent to us in csv format.

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