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Our proprietary built distribution network delivers press release
distributions to over 2500+ media outlets including AP, ABC , NBC , CBS , FOX ,CW and News Terminals
such as Factiva, LexisNexis and more.

Widest Distribution Ever - 2500+ News Website

Exclusive Distribution to over 2500+ major news websites internationally. You will get on to at least 300+ sites like Google News, Fox, ABC, CBS, CW, NBC and more.

Instant Authority - Inclusion in News Information System

Get into major news information system such as Factiva by Dow Jones, Newstex, AP, LexisNexis, ProQuest and many more collectively subscribed by more than 8 million journalists worldwide.

BONUS Distribution to PAID PR Sites Including PRBuzz, SBWire, MyPRGenie

Bonus cross network distribution to PAID PR distribution sites including PRbuzz, SBWire and MyPRGenie which cost hundreds of dollars per distribution

Get A Distribution Report of 300+ - 400+ Guaranteed Live Links

Within 4 days of distribution, clients will typically see more than 400+ Live Links. You will also be provided a report that you can show your client/boss.

Domination SEO result and get instant Google News ranking

Links from media sites like CBS, Fox, ABC, CW and NBC are highly reputable with strong trust flow, citation flow, pagerank and domain authority. You will witness huge indexing of your press release on more than 2 pages of Google results.

Lower PR Distribution Cost

This is EXACTLY the reason why many PREFER us over similar service such as PRWeb. Our basic distribution service has the reach of PRWeb's higher tier PR Distribution service but at only a fraction of the cost.

Guaranteed Pick-up by Yahoo News or Finance

Guaranted pick up of your press release by either Yahoo News or Finance.

See Sample Press Release Distribution Report

Yahoo News Guaranteed

See Sample

See how a Press Release looks like on the News Sites

Press Release Distribution Packages

Distribution 2500+ media outlets
Distribution to Premium Networks via AP, ABC , NBC , CBS , FOX ,CW and Affiliates
Google,Yahoo & Bing Search Engine Index
Guaranteed Yahoo News Inclusion
PAID PR Distribution via PRbuzz, SBWire, MyPRGenie, Pressdoc MyPRSite and PRNation
Guaranteed “Live Links” Report Measure, Manage, Maximize.
No. of Guaranteed “Live Links” 400+
Other Features Tools To Impress The Press and Get Links
No. of Keyword Text Links allowed as 3 for both 3
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What you need to provide:

  1. A Press Release with between 300 to 800 Words
  2. 1 Image (Optional) and up to 3 anchor text links that has been inserted into the main text body
  3. Press Release must conform to our Editorial Guidelines for distribution

What we will provide

  1. Distribution to the online news sites.
  2. A press release distribution report within 4 days

Our Process

You place an order online and successfully make payment

Provide us with the press release and corresponding information requested by us.

Your Press Release will be subjected to Editorial Review and Approval. We will get back to you for any revisions required.

Within 4 working days upon acceptance of your Press Release by our Editors you will receive a guaranteed “live links” report. Congrats!


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