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Our Website Audit service, provides both a Technical and SEO Analysis of your Website

On-Site SEO Analysis

Regular website audits is useful in ensuring that your website is search engine friendly, especially if it is managed by many stakeholders.

Our report will identify any page URLs that do not contain invalid characters, the Robots.txt file and XML sitemap are in place, your TITLEs and Description tags are unique , etc.

Page Speed Test

Everyone is impatient online. Visitors do not like to be kept waiting. Our audit check if your web pages are loading fast and detect issues that make your page load time longer.

The report will also provide practical tips on how to fix each issue and increase your page speed

Easy-to-Follow SEO Tips and Advice

When exploring our audit reports, we highlight "Critical issues" and "Consider fixing" sections.

In each section we provide detailed easy-to-follow instructions

Technical Site Audits

Our audit will analyze all your website pages and report on all identified technical errors such as broken links, server issues and 404 page not found errors

Site Usability Scans

Our website audit report will scan your website to ensure there is no embarrassing usability issues such as missing images, inaccessible pages or slow page load times

 Identify potentially harmful links

Are you concern that some SEO vendors may be building toxic links to your website? Our quality link checker identify 'Toxic links' pointing to your website.

100% Money Back Guarantee

14 Day Risk Free Period. If you are not satisfied with your purchase, we will refund your money back!

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Website Audit Report



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The Package includes

  • Scan of up to 1,000 Pages with Technical Audit & SEO Analysis tools
  • Search Engine Ranking scan depth up to 3 pages
  • Up to 500 Competitor backlinks analyzed
  • 14 Day Risk Free Money Back Guarantee

What you need to provide:

  1. URL of your website
  2. Competitors URLs
  3. Google Analytics Access Details (Optional)
  4. Your desired keywords
  5. Your landing pages

Our Process

You place an order online and successfully make payment

Fill up the information request form that we send you.

Once we receive all the information, we will deliver your report within 24 hours

Send the report to your technical team for resolution


Do your provide consulting services?

Yes. We provide on-site and phone consulting services. We bill on a man-hour rate of $100 with a minimum of 2 billable hours onwards.

Are your able to help me implement the changes?

No. Your existing web developer will be the best person to implement the changes for you as he/she is most familiar with your CMS and technical environment.

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