Cloud Products Affiliate

Would you like to refer clients to Conversion Hub and earn a lifetime recurring income without having to worry about the execution issues?

Our cloud products affiliate programme is a great way to earn commissions for referring customers to us. There is no fees required.

For All Cloud Solutions

Mobile App Cloud

Marketing Automation Cloud

20% Lifetime Recurring

How it works

  1. Sign up for an Account
  2. Activate your Affiliate status
  3. Receive your Affiliate Link
  4. Link your banner to us via your affiliate link
  5. Earn Lifetime Recurring Revenue
  6. Earn regular payout as you refer new customers

How much can you earn?

Client Price /Month Recurring Income / Month (20%)
2 x Mobile App $398 $79.60
1 x Marketing Automation Cloud  (10,000 Contacts) $105 $21.00
Total Income (per month) from 3 sales = $100.60
Total Income (per anum) from 3 sales = $1207.20