Internet Lifecycle Marketing

Congrats! You have built your own website.

However, while doing so, you may realize you need visitors to your website, and it has been a lot harder to do so. With over 1 billion other websites vying for eyeballs in 2016, the internet space has gotten a lot more crowded.

In this course, you will learn the following:

  1. How has the Internet revolutionized marketing?
  2. The Typical Customer Lifecycle Marketing Funnel
  3. The Perfect Customer Lifecycle Marketing Funnel


How has the internet revolutionized Marketing?

The Internet, through technology and analytics, has revolutionized our way of life and the way we market to consumers. Without the internet, we wouldn’t have websites, ecommerce, social media, or email marketing.

For successful online marketing, a marketer must have a loving marriage of marketing business know-how and internet technology.


The Typical Customer Lifecycle Marketing Funnel

So we all spend time generating interest about our company and products. We may do it online via Google or Facebook Advertising. We may also do this offline, through networking events or flyer distribution. The goal is really to generate interested prospects, who eventually become paying customers.

typical-marketing 1

So, for example, you spend $1000 of ad budget on Facebook and 10 hours of your time setting up your campaign. This got you 100 email enquiries and after your sales process, 10 become paying customers.

Now, if you want to increase the paying customers from 10 to 20, you could take these actions:

  • Increase your advertising budget,
  • Increase the number of hours spent on promotion through social media, forums, email marketing, or anything else,
  • Or you could rework your sales process to improve your conversion rate.