LifeCycle Marketing

Chapter 1: Lifecycle Marketing

Learn why you should never start an internet marketing campaign without first creating a proper sales funnel and implementing a lead capture software.

Social Media Marketing

Chapter 2: Social Media Marketing

Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. Figure out which best suits your marketing needs and start your running your own internet marketing…

Search Engine Optimisation

Chapter 3: SEO

Understand how search engine rank websites and how you can achieve high rankings in the search result pages of search engines, such as…

Pay Per Click Advertising

Chapter 4: Pay Per Click Advertising

Almost every marketer wants immediate traffic. Learn how to place ads on Google and other ad networks to bring immediate traffic to your…

Email Marketing

Chapter 5: Email Marketing

Learn why do marketers use email drip marketing to automate your sales cycle. We’ll teach you how to send emails automatically at the ‘right’ time.

Content Marketing

Chapter 6: Content Marketing

“Content is King,” they say. In fact, “Content is everything!” Master the art of content marketing and bring sustainable long term traffic to your website.

Affiliate Marketing

Chapter 7: Affiliate Marketing

Like the idea of paying for only for visitors who are paying customers? Check out the popular affiliate marketing networks around.

Conversion Rate Optimization

Chapter 8: CRO

Have traffic but they are not converting into customers? Fret not. Learn how to convert more of your traffic into paying customers.

Web Analytics

Chapter 9: Web Analytics

Learn how to install Google Analytics onto your website and use it to track where your visitors are coming from and how to make improvements.