This introductory social media compliance training course teaches you to comply with your corporate social media policy when you use social networks at work.

  • Minimize reckless conduct and demonstrate regard for the known risks of social media
  • Using social media without violating Federal, State and local laws
  • Using social media without comprising information security
  • Using social media without infringing on intellectual property rights
  • Free speech rights, anti-discrimination, online sexual harassment and more

Social Media Compliance Training for Employees Anytime, Anywhere
In the industrial age, organizations media trained their spokes people. Today, they’re social
media training their entire workforce. Make access to social media contingent on social
media compliance certification. Accessible via desktop or mobile.

In this course, we would cover the following:

  1. Overview
  2. Introduction
  3. Personal vs. Company Accounts
  4. No Free Speech at Work
  5. Confidentiality
  6. Public vs. Private Information
  7. Computer Fraud and Abuse Act
  8. Legal Rights to Discuss Wages, Hours & Working Conditions
  9. On Duty vs. Off Duty Conduct
  10. Your Right to Privacy at Work
  11. Physical Safety and Mobile Security
  12. Safety and Security of Data
  13. Copyright and Intellectual Property
  14. Who is Responsible When There’s a Problem
  15. Conclusion


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